Well it is hard to believe that January is almost over, time does seem to fly.  Christmas events on the square and around town were well received once again.

Court House decorations, lights on the buildings, hanging lights on the streets and wrapping of the poles seemed to be extra bright and nice.

Santa parked his sleigh on the square for the children and the River of Life Church Nativity scene majestically set in place made sure everyone was ready for the annual parade, lighting of the tree, the live nativity scene and activities on December 2, 2017.

December 16, 2017 brought in some rain but that didn’t stop folks from skating and enjoying the Jingle all the Way Event.  There was a nice crowd, skaters, face painting, Santa, rock painting, kiddy rides, stilt walkers and food vendors.

While the adults have enjoyed these events, remember they are very important for our children; for some this may be all they get for the holidays.

Our children need to know that Fairfield cares about them and perhaps in the future they will want to come back to live, work or own a business.  Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces is a lot of return for the money spent for events!

A really important note is that these events were put on by the City of Fairfield, the River of Life Church and the Chamber with monies from Hotel/Motel tax dollars!  None of the money spent came from the General Fund of the City (in other words local sales and property tax dollars were not used to fund these events).

Because of these events more people came into our fair city, enjoyed the festivities and spent additional money on items, this all goes to help the local businesses and those associated with it.  Below is the cost and breakdown of the money the City Council budgeted and spent related to Christmas:

Advertising        Rentals and Services      Awards and Prizes
$1,836.10            $21,474.96                         $5,025.00

As stated earlier, all the city sponsored events are paid for out of the Hotel/Motel Fund that is completely separate from City operating funds.

We do not budget property or sales tax dollars to fund these events.  Additionally, the City follows the proper guidelines to use the Hotel/Motel Funds and that is why the City has been able to hold events, help the Moody Bradley House, the Freestone County Museum and the Trinity Star Arts Council to name a few; there are many more.

I interact with a lot of different people that come through Fairfield to do business here, talk about opening a business here and people wanting to use our facilities to put on training seminars and the like.

You know what the response is most often, “Wow! Fairfield has a lot going on; I did not realize how busy this city is!  You all really do a nice job during the holidays and all; something seems to be happening all the time.”

I don’t know about you but that really makes me smile to know that people can see the good things going on in Fairfield.

It takes a lot of effort, care, concern, time, resources including money, patience, peace and most of all LOVE to make it come together, as the Baptist Church sign says “Love Wins!”  These events are a part what makes Fairfield a true Texas Diamond.

Here to Serve,

Jeffery D. Looney, MPA
City Administrator

Pastor Robert Smith
River of Life Church

Brenda Pate, Executive Director
Fairfield Chamber of Commerce