The Texas Grazing Land Coalition and the Natural Resource Conservation Service are hosting the Freestone County Grazing Course on September 26-28 at 5:30 p.m.

Sustainable livestock enterprises have three things in common; they must be profitable, enjoyable, and not deplete soils.

The purpose of this course is to unde4rstand the soil and plant resources, forage quantity and quality, and matching forage production to animal demands.

You will gain practical knowledge on how to apply effective and sustainable rotational grazing with profit and enjoyment as the overall goal.

Speakers include GLC Specialist Matt Machacek, NRCS Employees Brandon Bing and Ben Davis, and land owners Bradly Ezell, Joe Beall, and Jimmy Downe.

The Course will be held in a field setting and will start promptly at 5:30 p.m.

A $20 registration fee will cover supper for all three nights. Checks are payable to the Freestone County SWCD.

RSVP the day prior at 903-389-2154 or

–SEP 26- Soils and Plant Health @ Ezell Farms- 1525 South Hwy 75, Buffalo, TX
5 Principles of Soil Health
Plant Adaptation and Response (Water & Nutrient Cycles)
Rotational Grazing & Rest Periods
Wildlife Considerations
Measuring What You Have (Forage & Brush Inventory)

–SEP 27– Grazing Animal Health & Nutrition
Nutritional Requirements & Livestock Type
Body Condition & Reproduction
Stage of Plant Growth vs. Digestibility
Supplementing Livestock & Remaining Profitable
Grazing Behavior & Electric Fence Demo

–SEP 28– Herd Selection & Profitability @ The Fairfield Community Center off Hwy 84
Matching Livestock & Enterprises
Herd Selection and Longevity
Economics (Inputs & Profit per Acre vs. Profit per Individual)
Pasture Designs & Grazing Plans