Freestone County 4-H Club Meetings will begin in September. Below are dates and times:

–Dew 4-H meets the 2nd Tuesday of Every Month at 6:30pm at the 4-H Building behind Dew ISD, Club Manager: Julie Jordan

–Eagle Country 4-H meets the 2nd Monday of Every Month at 6pm at the Fairfield Conference Center out at the Fairgrounds; Club Manager: Melissa Benner

–Fairfield 4-H meets the 1st Monday of Every Month at 5:30pm at Fairfield Civic Center out at the Fairgrounds (Meeting will be on Labor Day); Club Manager: Maggie Bonds & Misty Lewis

–Freestone Community 4-H meets the 2nd Sunday of Every Month at 6pm at the Freestone Community Center; Club Manager: Marsha Morgan & Christi Kimball

–Wortham 4-H meets the 1st Wednesday of Every Month at 6pm at the Wortham Chamber Building; Club Manager: April Kofnovec & Mandy Henderson

For more information, contact Erin L. Davis, Extension Agent-Ag/NR at 903-389-3436.