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Dear Editor- Another Write-in Candidate

  Dear Editor, As if one person trying to overturn an election isn’t enough, now we have two!  Well, the same thing can be said for Gerald Manning as was said about Cooper Daniel…it is unethical to do this.  Mr. Manning stated he wanted to do something for his community. I wonder why Mr. Manning didn’t think to do this before the election?  Why is this happening?  One of the reasons, in this particular case, I believe, is because Freestone County has a system of one party elections.  Whatever party people believe is going to be in power for that election period, that’s the party everyone runs on.  So, as a result, more times than not there are probably going to be run-off elections.  Each party puts forth their platform with not only what they want to do for “the people” but also what they believe in.  So, when people are switching parties like crazy that means they don’t really stand for anything.  This is a sad thing for Freestone County although most people probably don’t agree with that.  When the election is over along with any run-off elections, the winners should not have to worry about “Johnny Come Lately” sneaking up on them trying to take their win away from them.  I understand, but may be wrong; the votes had to be certified within not more than 14...

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It Seems to Me: Discipleship Model for the New Testament Church

When Paul found it necessary to leave the island of Crete, he left Titus in his place of leadership. Paul tasked Titus with finding and developing leadership for the various churches on the island. The first chapter of Titus makes it very clear that it is more important to look for character than skill in establishing church leadership. Paul went on to say tell Titus that he must be ready to both exhort and train good teachers but also to reprove false teachers. We must heed the instruction found here and elsewhere that the goal of reproving is always to restore the false teacher to a place of sound doctrine. In Titus 2 Paul turned his attention to establishing a model or a template for discipleship in the church. He listed five groups: older men, older women, younger women, young men, and bond-servants. Each group was instructed to be self-controlled, temperate, and worthy of respect. Love, faith, and perseverance were held up as admirable traits. Honesty and purity were promoted. Hard work and respect for authority were commanded. Getting along with other people and preventing arguments is to be one of our goals. All of these are admirable qualities for all people, Christian or not. Paul pointed out that a failure to exhibit these characteristics reflects poorly on Christ. He even put it more bluntly; failure to do so...

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Reflections from Red Oak Ranch

I have decided that the Red Oak Ranch must be on the flight path for many a flock of birds.  We have had Geese land in the lake, the North East Pond, and even in the Hay Meadow.  We’ve had Eaglets that strutted their stuff in the pasture around the house and when they grew up a little, had perches in the tall trees on the edge of the Hay Meadow.  Lately we have had beautiful White Cranes with black tipped wings come in a flock of six, go to the edge of the lake, fly to the North East Pond, fly back over the lake and land in the trees there.  Most unusual for the Cranes we usually have around here to land in trees but these do. Of course the flocks of Hummingbirds are here now and keep me busy making the nectar to fill the feeders for them.  The Wrens are still around and Egrets too.  The Egrets sometimes sit on the backs of the cows and that makes a funny sight especially when the cows move forward in their grazing with this white bird on their back!  We have an Owl that has a nest some place in the Sweet Gum Grove and he flies with his wings full out which is amazing to behold. I often wonder what the cows think of all these...

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Dear Editor: Lines From the Downhill Slide

Dear Editor, Some of my high school friends and I have turned 75 this year.  (Some are handling this better than others.)  I would like to share with you and your readers some of our thoughts on growing older. I call it Lines From the Downhill Side… The road’s been long and we’ve got a few miles on us.  We get easily distracted and some have been known to cuss.  Our bodies need work and our sight’s not what it used to be.  We’ve learned when life give you lunch, that lunch’s not free. Some of us are thin and some are kind of fat.  Some are still wondering where everything’s at.  Most of us have given in and finally gone with gray and comfort’s what we look for in what we wear today. We’re not broken down, we’re just broken in.  Like a favorite pair of jeans you wear again and again.  We’re gently worn not worn out.  And that men can be a bother most of us have no doubt. We can do and say pretty much as we may for we’ve thrown away the mold.  When people look at us they shrug and say, “What can you expect?  They’re OLD!” We’ve come quite far, this circle of friends.  We’ve stuck together thru thick and thru thin.  One thing we’ve learned and want clearly understood.  It’s not...

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Dear Editor: It’s Not How You Play the Game

Dear Editor, Living 15 miles out in the country we don’t always hear things that are going on right away.  Most of the time we don’t really care to hear all the things and goings on that are happening in town.  But sometimes we are made aware of something that is just too thought provoking to let it fly on by us.  This past week had one of those things.  With the announcement of Cooper Daniel for Commissioner of Precinct 3, we were surprised to say the least.  What Cooper Daniel is doing is legal but it certainly isn’t ethical.  Mike Daniels is a candidate who campaigned hard in the primary, then had to face his opponent in a run-off election and won that race, and now has to face even another opponent, a write-in opponent for that position who is just now starting to campaign.  It is like the test you take to get a Black Belt in Karate.  One of my sons won his Black Belt and it was a grueling test.  You start off fighting one person and slowly they add another person until at one point he was fighting over 20 people at the same time. All of them were fresh; my son had been fighting numerous people for a long time already.  I feel as if Mike Daniels is fighting for a Black Belt! ...

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