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Dear Editor: Politically Confused?

Dear Editor, Politically Confused? If ever there was a political year for avoiding both the Republican and Democratic parties, 2016 is it. I don’t know why the majority of Americans think there are only two parties to choose from and it doesn’t help when the media constantly focuses on the two because of the DRAMA. I don’t trust Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. It’s bad enough that Electoral College (which should be abolished) and the media (who should be unbiased) pick our president. It’s time for other options. Check out Jill Stein of the Green Party at There are two running in the Libertarian Party: Gary Johnson at and Austin Petersen at Take the time to make an informed decision, not a coerced one. Nanette Piotrowski Fairfield, TX Nanette Piotrowski Fairfield,...

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Dear Editor: Trump’s 2nd Amendment Statement

Dear Editor, Trump’s 2nd Amendment Statement Recently the GOP nominee mention offhand that the 2nd Amendment advocates might have an alternative to a Clinton presidency. There instantly came a groundswell of liberal outrage from the left that he was suggesting violent insurrection against the government. He meant no such thing. Mr. Trump immediately expanded his comment to clarify that gun rights advocates have a political clout at the voting polls and could exercise it to defeat liberal policies being enacted into law. The bigger and far more important issue in this manufactured flap is WHY the Amendment was enacted in the first place. Allow me to explain here. The right to “keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” was included in the Bill of Rights, NOT for fear of Indian attacks on Boston, New York, or other established centers. It was included as a defense against a tyrannical government which could suppress the people. In the 18th century, standing armies were seen, not as defense from foreign aggression, but as a means of keeping the populace under government control. The very idea that ordinary citizens were capable of self-government was new, radical, and suspect everywhere – except in the newly minted American nation. This Amendment was put into place to safeguard the right of the people to manage their government instead of being abused by it. Americans indeed...

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From the Editor: Fun and Games, and a Little Business Too

It may seem frivolous, but the older I get, the more I see the value of entertainment for its own sake. I remember attending a Renaissance Fair for the first time.  Everywhere you looked, people of all ages were dressed up and acting the part.  It was a fun world, where everyone was in on the game and having fun. This summer, I had a similar experience when downloading the Pokèmon Go game on my phone. Everywhere I went there were people of all ages, phone in hand and playing the game. There were groups of young people, laughing together and comparing the Pokèmon they caught. Older players, like me, were a bit more discreet, playing the game as we walked along.  On occasion, we would glance up to a stranger and smile, knowing we both just caught an elusive Pokèmon. Of course, there have been stories of people putting themselves in danger, during the excitement of playing a virtual game in the real physical world.  It is important to remember to stay alert at all times; and players should never trespass onto private property. (Did you hear the story of a couple who climbed the fence and encountered an aggressive bull?  Not a good decision, that one.) Still, for those of us who play smart (up to 40 million world-wide), Pokèmon Go is a fun game that can...

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TEA Party Tea Leaves

The Freestone County TEA Party on Monday evening was opened in prayer by Henry Horton and the pledges to the U. S. and Texas flags.  Freestone County Judge Linda Grant was our first speaker.  Judge Grant gave an overview of how and when the county budget is determined to cover all expenses.  By looking at past budgets you can generally get an idea of future needs.  All years are different, however.  Because of a sizable drop in mineral values this year, as well as a protest by Luminant on their appraisal by the appraisal district, there is a large gap in anticipated revenues and budget requirements.  The difference in income requires a tax increase of no less than 5.4 percent to meet the effective tax rate which is what the tax assessor needs collect  to have no change in the budget.  The budget needs to provide services to all our people. Logan Wilson spoke passionately about his experience with Texas Central Railroad and their threat to condemn their family farm at Personville.  The Texas Central Railroad owns no tracks, no cars, no locomotives, no engineers, no brakemen, nothing related to trains! One would think this is a Texas based company funding this project, however 80 percent of investment money is provided by the Japan Bank of International Cooperation.  A petition to STOP the high speed rail has been signed...

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Reflections from Red Oak Ranch

The other day The Colonel drove by the barn as the cows were coming up.  He looked and saw Lucinda, the calf we raised because her mother died right after she was born.  We turned her out along with Leroy, another calf we raised although his mother had lived a little while, probably a couple or three months after he was born.  They usually still stick together although they run with the herd.  Neither one of them acts like the other calves, however.  We have never seen them run and play with the other calves but at least they stay with the herd.  The Colonel stopped the truck, “Ole Blue” when he saw Lucinda and called to her.  As she was walking over to the truck, he got out.  When she got to him he started petting her the way he always did when she was in the corral.  Lucinda raised her head so he could rub her neck.  He said a group of the other calves came up and stood there just looking at Lucinda and The Colonel as if they were thinking what in the world is going on here!  When he tried to pet one of them they would back off but so did Leroy who came up too.  I think he probably recognized his name but he didn’t seem to be overly friendly.  He was...

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