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Dear Editor – City Short Fall at Budget Time

Dear Editor, I have been very concerned about the City of Fairfield money. On October 2015 the city had 3.5 million dollars. On October 2016 the City had 2.4 million dollars. That leaves a 1.1 million dollar short fall for the city. This time last year, when it got time to vote on the budget and tax rate, there was a 2-2 city council tie. The Mayor had to vote the tie off. Before the Mayor voted he made one of his State of the City addresses which he said that there would never be a tax rate increase on his watch. There is a 509,000.00 decrease in income for 2016 to 2017 for the City of Fairfield. The reason I see it has taken so long to do the budget this year is because the Mayor has tried to get the City Council to vote on a paid fire department. Everybody that I have talked to would love to have a paid Fire Department, if we had the money to do it, but we don’t have 500,000.00 a year to pay for it. Seven months ago the Mayor conned the City Council into paying a paid fire chief at a rate of $45,000.00 a year on a 6-month trial. This trial basis cost the City 26,250.00 at my figuring. In my opinion this money could have been used...

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Dear Editor – Symbol of Hate or Testament of History?

Dear Editor, Political Correctness is best defined as an illogical approach to view reality and truth through the lens of delusion; it is neither political nor correct. It is a liberal social construct to promote “togetherness” and a sense of “can’t we all just get along…” without anyone’s feelings getting bruised. It’s absurd as is demonstrated by the current public feeding frenzy over 150-year old history monuments being removed, vandalized, and demonized. This politically correct movement to remove Confederate heroes’ monuments is based on a popular misconception of the southern Confederacy, Confederate generals (Lee in particular) and ordinary Confederate soldiers, and slavery. Recent coverage in the leftist Dallas Morning News with columnists calling Confederate statues “poisonous symbols of hate: and quotes from Dallas Mayor Rawlings promoting their removal only encourage the misconceptions and pander to the lowest common denominator of human understanding. General Robert E. Lee’s statue in Lee Park, just north of downtown, is not a symbol of hate or a testimonial to slavery; it is a true part of Texas history and needs no sanitizing. It deserves to stay just as Ft. Hood, Texas, deserves to remain Ft. Hood: named for Confederate General John Bell Hood. Lee, never a slave-owner, was as outspoken as Lincoln in his condemnation of slavery as his quote from 1861 attests: “The institution of slavery in any nation is a moral and...

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Dear Editor – Bathroom Bill Not Addressed by Texas Legislators

Dear Editor, The Texas Senate, in the regular session and special session, twice voted (21-10) to pass a “bathroom bill”. It would prevent men and boys, masquerading as “transgenders”, from accessing girls’ and women’s restrooms, showers, and locker rooms in schools and municipalities. During the regular session, 81 of 150 House members co-authored a bathroom bill. Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick support a bathroom bill, as do the vast majority of Texans, who elected our leaders. House Speaker Joe Straus (R) admits it could “pass if…pushed on members” but has refused throughout both sessions to assign bathroom bills to committees or allow a House vote on them. One man is defying the entire state and destroying our democratic process. The Bible says, “God created man…male and female” (Genesis 1:27). God’s moral law forbids cross-dressing; it is “abomination” to God (Deuteronomy 22:5 KJV). Nature itself exposes transgender lies. On August 3rd, hundreds of religious leaders brought a letter to state legislators signed by 1000+ Texas pastors who support this bill. Straus’s lieutenant, House State Affairs Committee Chairman Byron Cook (R), locked his office door to them. However, wealthy big business and LGBT donors have been welcomed with open arms (1 Timothy 6:10). Have some House members, for political expediency, publicly supported a bathroom bill knowing they would never be held accountable while Straus is Speaker? The Texas House should...

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25 Days Until ‘Health Care Doomsday’ Could Strike Texas

The Texas Medical Association (TMA), representing more than 50,000 physicians and medical students, today launched the “Texas Health Care Doomsday Calendar Countdown” awareness campaign to let the public know about the dire and shocking crisis ahead for our state if the legislature fails to pass a Sunset continuation bill for the Texas Medical Board. The board, which licenses physicians, and the Medical Practice Act, the state law that establishes the standards for practicing medicine in this state, will both vanish Sept. 1 without legislative action. “Only 25 days are left for the Texas Legislature to pass a Sunset continuation bill,” TMA President Carlos J. Cardenas, MD, said today. “Without this, we will see chaos, uncertainty, unnecessary pain and suffering, and possibly avoidable deaths.” Here is some of the chaos that will happen if we reach Texas Health Care Doomsday: –Without licenses, doctors won’t be able to prescribe medicine and order all needed tests, or practice in hospitals or other facilities that require a state medical license. –With no legal definition of what it takes to be a physician, anyone could open up shop and call himself or herself a doctor. The public would be exposed to and unprotected from medical quackery. –Texas, which already has a physician shortage, could lose some of our doctors to other states. “This is not a doomsday movie script,” Dr. Cardenas added. “It will...

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From the Editor: Thanks for Trimming County Expenses

I would like to commend the Freestone County Commissioners Craig Oakes (Pct. 2) and Andy Bonner (Pct. 1) for voting to cut back on travel allowances during a special meeting held last month. Several elected officials, including Commissioners, Constables, Justices of the Peace and the County Judge, each receive a set amount each month, to be used for travel. This amount is the same, regardless of how much they spend on travel related expenses during any given month. This year’s $150 decrease affects Commissioners and Constables.  It does not include Justices of the Peace, at this time. During a previous budget year, County Judge Linda Grant (who cast the tie-breaking vote last month), had voluntarily reduced her allowance after tracking her actual travel time. Other County officials and employees are paid travel through a reimbursement process, after travel expenses have been incurred. As a taxpayer, I appreciate any action taken to trim the county budget.  All of us – citizens, business owners, and government entities – are being challenged in keeping expenses down during a challenging economy. Thank you, Commissioners, for your...

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