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25 Days Until ‘Health Care Doomsday’ Could Strike Texas

The Texas Medical Association (TMA), representing more than 50,000 physicians and medical students, today launched the “Texas Health Care Doomsday Calendar Countdown” awareness campaign to let the public know about the dire and shocking crisis ahead for our state if the legislature fails to pass a Sunset continuation bill for the Texas Medical Board. The board, which licenses physicians, and the Medical Practice Act, the state law that establishes the standards for practicing medicine in this state, will both vanish Sept. 1 without legislative action. “Only 25 days are left for the Texas Legislature to pass a Sunset continuation bill,” TMA President Carlos J. Cardenas, MD, said today. “Without this, we will see chaos, uncertainty, unnecessary pain and suffering, and possibly avoidable deaths.” Here is some of the chaos that will happen if we reach Texas Health Care Doomsday: –Without licenses, doctors won’t be able to prescribe medicine and order all needed tests, or practice in hospitals or other facilities that require a state medical license. –With no legal definition of what it takes to be a physician, anyone could open up shop and call himself or herself a doctor. The public would be exposed to and unprotected from medical quackery. –Texas, which already has a physician shortage, could lose some of our doctors to other states. “This is not a doomsday movie script,” Dr. Cardenas added. “It will...

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From the Editor: Thanks for Trimming County Expenses

I would like to commend the Freestone County Commissioners Craig Oakes (Pct. 2) and Andy Bonner (Pct. 1) for voting to cut back on travel allowances during a special meeting held last month. Several elected officials, including Commissioners, Constables, Justices of the Peace and the County Judge, each receive a set amount each month, to be used for travel. This amount is the same, regardless of how much they spend on travel related expenses during any given month. This year’s $150 decrease affects Commissioners and Constables.  It does not include Justices of the Peace, at this time. During a previous budget year, County Judge Linda Grant (who cast the tie-breaking vote last month), had voluntarily reduced her allowance after tracking her actual travel time. Other County officials and employees are paid travel through a reimbursement process, after travel expenses have been incurred. As a taxpayer, I appreciate any action taken to trim the county budget.  All of us – citizens, business owners, and government entities – are being challenged in keeping expenses down during a challenging economy. Thank you, Commissioners, for your...

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TX Faith Groups’ New PSAs Target Bathroom Bills

“Texas Impact Launches PSA Campaign Featuring Faith Leaders Speaking Out Against Bathroom Bills”   Texas Impact, the Lone Star State’s oldest and largest interfaith advocacy network, announced this week the launch of a new campaign featuring four public service announcements (PSAs) opposing discriminatory legislation targeting transgender Texans. The 30-second spots will begin appearing online and on social media this week and feature Christian leaders from across Texas explaining why they oppose the so-called “bathroom bills” being considered by the Texas Legislature. Texas Impact executive director Bee Moorhead says the PSAs are part of the interfaith non-profit’s “Mainstream, Not Extreme: Texas Faith Community Against Discrimination” campaign to correct misperceptions about the faith community’s position on the legislation. “Mainstream faith communities across our state, from the people in the pews all the way up to national denominational leaders, oppose these bills,” Moorhead says. “A few extremist individuals who support this legislation have been working hard to convince legislators that they represent the unified voice of the faithful, but that’s simply not the case.” Moorhead says conservative Christians, such as Baptists and the nondenominational are particularly frustrated at being mischaracterized, and that the PSAs feature authoritative voices that can set the record straight. Two of the PSAs feature the Rev. Dr. Jim Bankston, a well-known United Methodist pastor from Houston. In the spots, Bankston acknowledges that “it can be hard to understand...

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From the Editor: Kindness Makes a Difference

Recently, a reader submitted an anonymous Letter to the Editor that expressed gratitude to the local ER staff. Enclosed was a copy of a short devotional that expressed the way they felt when needing emergency care. “With each smile, the hospital became less cold and scary,” reads the short story. “My fear subsided as I sensed God encouraging me through the quiet, friendly care of the staff.” Although The “Times” is not able to reprint the shared story without permission from the original publication, we thought it appropriate to share a snippet. “What a difference kindness can make!” says our reader. Indeed. Kindness makes all the...

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Designing a Solution to our Nation’s Productivity Crisis

by Dick Resch   America is mired in a productivity crisis. According to the most recent government data, American workers’ productivity over the last decade has grown at less than half the annual rate it did between 2000 and 2007. Last year, our collective level of productivity edged up just 0.2 percent. Compare that to the late 1990s, when productivity jumped an average of 2.8 percent a year. This lack of productivity growth is behind a host of economic ills, including our sluggish economy and stagnant wages. Employers must make work a better place to be. They can start by designing and building more engaging workplaces, ones that empower people to work in ways that suit them best. Treating workers as individuals with unique work styles and needs will boost engagement — and make them more productive in the process. The productivity crisis has real, dollars-and-cents consequences. Gallup reports that 16 percent of workers are actively disengaged. They’re “miserable” and “destroy what the most engaged employees build.” The tab for that behavior is outrageous — between $483 billion and $605 billion a year in lost productivity. Just over half of workers are neither engaged nor disengaged at work — “they’re just there,” as Gallup put it. Only one-third of workers are “engaged” — invested in their organization, and trusted, respected, and heard by leadership. That’s a problem, given that...

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