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Dear Editor – Why the Second Amendment is Timely in 2017

“The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed…” These words were penned by educated, enlightened men in the late 18th century. The choice of words was not fuzzy or vague. It was clear and explicit and was inserted into the U.S. Constitution, the bedrock of American law. It clearly gives the right, not just the power [to the people] but the right under the law to not only own arms but to bear [carry] them as well. Admittedly, technology since that time has made weaponry vastly more powerful and deadly than at that time, but the right of lawful citizens remains. Why did they incorporate this 2nd Amendment and make it law in the first place? Answer: not for protection from hostile native Indians, encroaching French traders, or renegade Redcoats. Its purpose was primarily for protection of the citizens from government. This is why having standing [regular] armies was extremely suspect. The added reason of defense on the western frontier and the fact that municipal police forces did not yet exist to ensure safety, even within cities. Good cause, albeit different, exists today. Locally today, we are blessed with relatively low crime rates, unlike those in Dallas, Houston, Chicago, etc. Still, we live in dangerous times. Chances of car-jacking in Fairfield are quite low; road rage violence, however, is just as likely here as...

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How Long Do We Have to Wait?

by Thomas Ratliff When charter schools recently were accused of sub-standard performance, the Texas Charter School Association defended charter school performance as “steadily improving” over time. While charter schools have seen improvement over the 20 years since their inception, it’s clear from five years of TEA data, that charter schools underperform as a whole compared to their ISD counterparts.   This isn’t an opinion; it’s the facts. The evidence is in the past five years of TEA Snapshot Data available on TEA’s website.  Keep in mind, this isn’t based on the A-F Accountability System (which I agree is far from perfect).  These are the raw numbers, and the data shows the following: Since 2012, charter schools have had fewer students in special education, career and technical education, and gifted and talented education programs.  Not just by a little, but a lot. It’s interesting that a “random lottery” of public school students generates such a skewed student population compared to the state as a whole. Maybe if a charter doesn’t offer those programs, the students don’t bother applying to attend that school? Just a thought. From 2012 through 2016, charter schools had a dropout rate of 3.5 times that of ISDs.  The five-year average was 5.7% for charters and 1.6% for ISDs.  The high was 7% in 2012 for charters and a low of 4.7% in both 2015 and 2016....

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Dear Editor – Proud to be From Fairfield!

Dear Editor: PROUD TO BE FROM FAIRFIELD! I have many happy memories of my childhood in Fairfield. It was a community filled with loving and caring people who spoke into my life. I am still proud to live in Fairfield today and still see so many people speaking into the lives of our youth – people who work with sports and other events planned for our youth in churches and other organizations. I wish to commend our Mayor, City Council, and the Chamber of Commerce for providing activities for young and old, such as a good library and events for all ages. A Great example is our Annual Show of Wheels. This event brought in people and positive excitement. On Friday evening there was an informal gathering at NAPA Auto Parts, which included free hot dogs and lots of fun and a good time. This concluded with a parade of cars, pickups, and motorcycles “cruising through town.” They drove past the nursing homes where they were met with cheers and smiles! This is what a community is about! It costs money to provide these activities and I believe it is money well spent. These events bring profits to our local businesses, which in turn help support our community. I believe we have a good place to raise our children and to give them good memories. Let’s keep up the...

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From the Editor – Commending Fairfield City Council & Mayor

I want to recognize, and commend, all the Fairfield City Councilmen and the Mayor for the work they have done in setting a budget for the City for the coming year. As Editor, I lost count of the numerous workshops held while Council members hammered out a way to squeeze every drop they could from each penny they had. Every department, every program, and every organization receiving City funds was asked to bring a “bare bones” budget, and then asked to find even more ways to cut expenses. They were asked about the benefits the organizations provided to Fairfield citizens. Then, they were asked about what was being done to find alternative revenues, whether through grants, sponsorships, fundraisers, and more. Councilmen heard from the Police Department, the Fire Department and Fairfield EMS.  They got the run down from the City Administrator about water, wastewater, streets and garbage. They listened to the Market Days Director, the Chamber Director, the Library Director, the County Museum curator, and members of the Fairfield History Club, who serve as custodians of the historic Moody-Bradley House. They talked to the Eagle Club about basketball tournaments, the Arts Council about musical events, and a special needs group about BBQ Cook-offs. Through it all, I was impressed, and proud, to hear of all the work being done by so many of our citizens, in making my hometown...

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A Big Thank You to the Whole Community

PROUD DAY OF CARS & SUNSHINE: So many awesome folks help us with this wonderful event as we work as a team to make it happen! Thank you to the CITY OF FAIRFIED for sponsoring this event for our community and to our awesome City workers (Shorty & Roger) who helped prepare. Other important sponsors are L&M Trophies, Aztec Lube & Tire, Roadster Car Wash, Community National Bank & Trust and Incommons Bank of Fairfield. BAYLESS NAPA Auto (Josh & Landis) for your kindness in sponsoring our Rod Run on Friday evening Rob Dotson…Big Daddy’s Details Barbara Dotson…Aztec Lube & Tire Libby Harris…Keller Williams Realtor Mary Small…Accessories ETC Bettye Trask…Freestone Cancer Support Group Peyton Daniel…Miss Freestone Co. Morgan Coleman…Miss Teen Freestone Co. Patty Pratt…Freestone County Historical Museum Jason Hullum…Community National Bank & Trust Gene Chavers…Community National Bank & Trust Heritage Title & Abstract of Fairfield, Texas Gina Martin….Chamber Board/Origami Owl Red Hat Rentals Juls By Jul Kenny Bulger Randy Robinson…Robinson Trading Post Wells Fargo Bank Jeff Looney Chylon Dentler Landis Bayless Judge Linda Grant Carroll Cain, Buzz Russell, Ron Harris, Jerry Dotson, Darrick Palacio, Jason Shoemaker, Randy Martin, La Charles Bass, Shawn Grey, Dereck Campise, Bryan Chavers. Thank you to our vendors…Love Corn, FUMC, Fairfield Cub scout Pack 668, Donovan Concessions, Fairfield Lions Club, Fairfield Shaved Ice, St. Bernard’s Taco Truck, Eagle Band Boosters, VFW Post 5872, Round Prairie...

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