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Taking Stock As We Begin A New Year

by Lee H. Hamilton This may seem odd, but as I look ahead to a year we all know will be momentous, you want to know what I feel most strongly? Gratitude. I’ll tell you in a moment how much work we have ahead of us to strengthen our country. But I’m mindful of just how strong we already are. A resilient economy has been performing well for several years now, avoiding both rampant inflation and recession. Despite its flaws, we have a remarkable education system that has allowed more people to enroll in college, make dramatic gains in lifelong learning and — especially in the case of racial minorities — get an education that a generation ago would have been much harder to secure. We have a more diverse, educated workforce than ever before, and we’re making progress on issues from climate change to social equality. We remain wealthy, powerful, and blessed with perhaps the strongest governing institutions of any country in the world — despite the challenges of the moment. We possess an immense, deep pool of talented people, who have made us a leading example of unity out of diversity, or as our motto has it, “out of many, one.” However, we have to work to retain and buttress our strengths. And as I suggested, we have our work cut out for us. For one thing,...

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Publisher’s Desk – ‘Snowflakes’

In a recent survey, it showed a substantial percentage of young Americans believe that being labeled a “snowflake” could have a deleterious effect on mental health. So what is a snowflake? Well, if you think by virtue of being born in to this world you deserve a participation trophy, you indeed are a snowflake. If you believe that tall border walls and strict immigration laws are mean, you are an unenlightened snowflake. If you never purchased or fired a weapon and have a negative opinion on guns, you are an endangered snowflake. If the national anthem offends your sensitivities, you are a disaffected snowflake. If you feel the President’s leadership style is brash and loutish, you can assume your flake melted a year ago. If you believe that someone really “likes” you because they pressed a button on a keyboard, an introspection examination may be warranted. You must overcome the notion that the worst thing that can happen is hurt feelings. If you’re disappointed with the direction your life is headed – it’s a fresh new year, dry your tears, except reality and change course. In remembrance of words from astute father – “Life is rough, get a helmet, and enjoy this miracle ride.” That’s the way I...

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Dear Editor: Merry Christmas from Cub Scout Pack 668

Merry Christmas From Cub Scout Pack 668 Our adventures and accomplishments continue with National Night Out in Teague and Fairfield; scarecrow contest; we honored our veterans at several events and presented our colors at one; held a bake sale; was in the Minion Christmas Parade; decorated a campsite for Christmas at the Lake; enjoyed a trip to the Grinch’s Lair; and had FUN at Jingle All The Way! We want to thank Mr. & Mrs. Carl Conkling and David & Jack Wright who were guest speakers; Kris and Daniel from our State Park; Adam Smith; Tiffany & Morgan; City of Fairfield; Chamber of Commerce; The Freestone County Times; all of the citizens that are helping get our hut ready for use; and each one of our families for a great 2017. Until Next Time, Do Your Best! Happy New Year  ...

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Home Country

by Slim Randles For years now, Herb Collins has been helping Santa by donning the red and the beard and the tassels and waving to passing cars on Christmas Eve out at the Old Fort Road crossing. He takes a bag of candy along, in case anyone cares to stop, and he also takes his daughter Cindy along, because she’s always been his head elf. Cindy’s grown now and has helpers of her own, but this has been a daddy/daughter event for a long time and neither sees any reason to quit. He had done it a few years and was wondering why he was doing it when one special Christmas Eve, as it snowed, he found his reason. While he and Cindy stood in full-blown elf gear alongside the road, a pickup pulling a moving trailer pulled up and stopped. Cindy brought the candy over to the truck and Herb reached his hands through the window to shake hands with the young boy and girl who were in there with their dad. Both kids were crying and grinning and grabbing his hands. “Santa,” the father said, “we’re moving across the country tonight, and the kids were sure you wouldn’t be able to find them since they were between homes.” Herb swallowed. “Now kids,” he said, “you know Santa will find you no matter where you are tonight.” “Really?”...

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Viewpoints – Christmas Poem – Tit for Tat

Dear Editor, I wrote a Christmas poem that I hope our readers like.   Tit for Tat Tit for tat; imagine that. Give a little get a little; that’s where it’s at. Tis the season for giving; imagine that, And you don’t even have to wear Santa’s hat. Money and gifts are not where it’s at. But sharing love and friendship, tit for tat. Sharing ‘you’ is the most important thing, Whether it’s the doorbell or telephone ring. Love never needs to be ‘returned’ to the store, It’s held within the heart forever more. Share the love, that’s where it’s at, Tit for tat; imagine that.   Happy Holidays, Nanette Piotrowski...

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