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Second Murder Trial This Week

Jury selection started Monday morning, October 17, 2016 in the case of The State of Texas vs. Amber Hope Halford. Selection began at the Civic Center in Fairfield with roughly 500 persons summoned for duty. Approximately half of those returned on Tuesday, October 18, to complete selection. Defense Attorney, David Moore, and District Attorney, Chris Martin, took their time to secure the best possible jury to ensure a fair trial. Judge Deborah Oakes Evans is presiding over this trial that began on Wednesday, October 19th. Halford, along with co-defendant O’Jarion McClenon, is charged with Capital Murder for her alleged involvement in an incident occurring in March of 2015 that resulted in the death of her uncle, Teague resident, Douglas Carr Hurst. Jury selection for O’Jarion (O.J.) McClenon’s trial is set for October 31, 2016. Co-defendant Lawson Lee Abram was tried earlier this month and was found ‘guilty’ of Capital Murder; and was subsequently sentenced to Life Without...

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Major Wreck Near the Pumps on Hwy 84

FAIRFIELD POLICE DEPARTMENT responded to a wreck on East Highway 84, between Cefco and Jolly’s Shamrock (Barn Stop) shortly after 8:00 p.m. on Sunday evening, October 16th. The driver of the red Ford Mustang failed to yield to the white Ford Truck, A Halliburton Company truck. This caused the truck to collide with the mustang’s right front. The mustang ended up in the parking lot of CEFCO while the truck ended up in the parking lot of Jolly’s Shamrock. One gas pump was hit during the incident, but there was no severe damage to the pump. No one was injured in the accident; and the driver of the mustang was cited for failure to yield. Fairfield PD Officers, Harold Markham and Brody Weinmann responded to the...

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Freestone County Courthouse News

Indictments –Carlier Lorietta Cooper, B/F, 48, Mexia, Manufacture/Delivery of Controlled Substance PG 3<28 grams, Hydrocodone, BONDED OUT, Date of Offense: 4-19-2016–Soungie Jalyssa Craig, B/F, 24, Houston, Possession of Substance in Penalty Group 1, Cocaine, Less than one gram, IN JAIL, Date of Offense: 8-10-16–Randolph Scott Hamblin, W/M, 28, Teague, Possession of Substance in Penalty Group 1, Oxycodone, Four grams or more but less than 200, OUT ON BOND, Date of Offense:  5-16-16–Steen Troy Henderson, B/M, 44, Wortham, Possession of Substance in Penalty Group 1, Methamphetamine, Less than one gram, OUT ON BOND, Date of Offense: 7-11-16–Marcheri Renall Hughes, B/F, 30, Teague, Possession of Firearm by Felon, OUT ON BOND, Date of Offense: 7-6-16–Jeremy Odaniel Fuller, W/M, 32, Trinity, Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle, IN CUSTODY-HARRIS CO ON JP WARRANT, Date of Offense: 7-31-16–Evan Jospeh Niswanger, W/M, 31, Teague, Assault  Intentionally/Recklessly Impede Breath/Circulation of Family/Household Member with previous conviction, IN JAIL, Date of Offense: 7-30-16–Evan Jospeh Niswanger, W/M, 31, Teague, Assault  Intentionally/Recklessly Impede Breath/Circulation of Family/Household Member with previous conviction, IN JAIL, Date of Offense: 8-14-16–Victor Omar Sanchez – Aka Victor Omar Sanchez-Martinez, W/M, 25, Jewett, Assault Family Violence – Impede Breath, IN JAIL, Date of Offense: 7-29-16–Chester William Talbert, W/M, 63, Palestine, Theft of Property, $2,500 or more but less than $30,000, OUT ON BOND-MEDICAL RELEASE, Date of Offense: 5-21-16   Civil Cases –There are 8 In the Interest...

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Fairfield Police Report

Monday, Oct. 10th4:20 PM-Officer Frasier on report of child not picked up from school, all was ok.8:16 PM-Officer Markham on report of tree branch falling and taking power line down.9:11 AM-Officer Weinmann on minor wreck.10:03 PM-Officer Weinmann on suspicious person.10:21 PM-Officer Weinmann and Markham on report of suspicious subjects at gas station, subjects gone on officer arrival.Tuesday, Oct. 11th3:19 AM-Officer Markham assist Trooper on wreck.7:24 PM-Officer Frasier on report of missing vehicle.8:16 AM-Officer Frasier to meet a complainant over report of someone took their wallet out of their vehicle.1:05 PM-Officer Frasier on report of someone going on and out of bathrooms at city park, was a city worker cleaning.2:53 PM-Officer Frasier to PD to meet a complainant.Wednesday, Oct. 12th9:01 AM-Officer Palacios on report of debris in the roadway.5:45 PM-Officer Alexander on report of missing property.6:43 PM-Officer Gallegos on report of minor wreck in parking lot.Thursday, Oct. 13th2:17 AM-Officer Gallegos on alarm going off.9:06 AM-Officer Palacios on truck broke down in the roadway.10:20 AM-Officer Palacios and Sgt. Utsey on report of major wreck.8:00 PM-Officer Alexander on found property.10:14 PM-Officer Gallegos on a suspicious vehicle.10:49 PM-Officer Gallegos to meet a complainant.Friday, Oct. 14th5:57 AM-Officer Frasier on alarm going off.10:44 AM-Officer Frasier, Sgt. Utsey and Chief Bulger assist with funeral escort.12:16 PM-Officer Frasier on minor wreck.11:13 PM-Officer Weinmann arrest subject for driving on suspended driver license.Saturday, Oct. 15th12:21 AM-Officer Markham and Weinmann...

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Freestone County Sheriff’s Report

Greyhound bus driver calls from stop in Dew, says smells a strong odor of marijuana on the bus. Deputies and Troopers respond, Park Ranger assists. Game Warden brings in narcotics dog. One passenger arrested for possession of controlled substance. Deputies respond to report of person attempting suicide by overdosing on prescription meds. Trooper assists, Teague EMS and Dew Fire on scene if needed. Subject transported to ER for evaluation. Caller finds large snake in the washroom of residence, Game Warden responds for a little snake wrangling. Game Warden out to investigate report of boaters on Trinity River shooting a gun in a reckless manner. Teague PD takes call of possible domestic disturbance, verbal only. Young man falls out of tree stand while hunting, back hurts, maybe broke a rib or two. Fairfield EMS responds, subject flown to Waco Hospital for treatment. Streetman Fire assists elderly lady who fell and couldn’t get up, no serious injuries reported. Trooper and Deputies respond to two vehicle wreck on interstate, Fairfield and Dew Fire out to assist, no serious injuries reported. Caller reports had hip surgery a few weeks ago, now in a lot of pain, Teague EMS transports to ER for evaluation. Dew Fire tackles small grass fire on interstate service road. Car reported sitting sideways in the left lane of interstate. Fairfield PD, Deputies and Trooper all respond, Fairfield Fire out...

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