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Precinct 3 Facing Major Challenges

“We have a serious problem in Precinct 3,” says newly elected Commissioner Mike Daniels, during his second Commissioners Court meeting held Wednesday, January 4, 2017. “I’m walking into the job with zero dollars to work with and there are bills needing to be paid,” he says. Daniels lays the blame on outgoing Commissioner, Bodie Emmons, saying that he left no money in the Pct. 3 budget when Emmons completed his elected term in December. “If there is a major storm or disaster, we have no tax payer money to fix any damages.” “Also, none of the equipment (tractors, vehicles, and the like) is working,” continues Daniels. “Only one truck is working and it desperately needs new tires. We can’t even afford to buy tires!” According to County Auditor Donna Williams, Precinct 3’s budget for the 2016-2017 fiscal year is at a deficit because tax revenue that was expected has not yet arrived and it is not known when the County might receive said money. There are currently several outstanding bills with no cash flow to cover the costs. Outgoing Commissioner – Pct. 3, Bodie Emmons was within his 25% allowable usage of the set budget (based on receiving tax revenue) however, the money was not available for use at the time it was spent, according to the Auditor. Commissioners and Auditor Donna Williams discussed possibly amending the resolution to...

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Freestone County Courthouse News

  Marriages The following couples filed for Marriage Licenses during December 2016.–Preston / Poley–Estrada / Enasco–Wilson / Bailey–Hicks / Seybeet-Johnson–Davis / Dycus–Woodall / Beldin–Tucker / Chrisley–Harper / Sandlin–Peter / Liu–Fox / Veretto–Wicker / Cooksey-Johnson–Preston / Cantley Civil Cases There are 11 ‘In the Interest of’ cases for the Month of December 2016–Midland Funding, LLC vs. Juana Esparza–21st Mortgage Corporation vs. Quincy L. Jackson & Cherie Jackson–Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC vs. Dorothy Martin–Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC vs. Steven J. Hargrove–Bobby Edward Oxford vs. University of Texas, et al–Evan Jose Niswanger vs. Brandi Lynn Niswanger–Santos Estrada vs. Stephanie Ann Pedraza–James Andrew Jones vs. Lauren Dianna Jones–Department of Family and Protective Services vs. T.W. & W.N., Sr.–Fairfield Land Management, LLC, d/b/a Freestone Chrysler Jeep Dodge vs. Oscar Estrada–Darlene Childs vs. John N. Carman–Portfolio Recovery Association, LLC vs. Kevin Miller–Scott Beard and wife Wanda Beard vs. Kenneth Schroeder & Donnie Fincher–Randy Hamblin vs. Iva Nell Batey–Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Trustee for Manufactured Housing Contract Senior/Subordinate vs. Gene E. Nix–H. Gene Reynolds vs. Susan Elizabeth Loper Phipps, et al–Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC vs. Ryan O Tackett–Wayne Sanchez vs. Joyce Elaine Sanchez–Vincent Mims, Jr. vs. Kasey Kennedy–Jay Don Jeffress vs. Erin E. Drago–State of Texas vs. Chase Walters (x2)–Wells Fargo Bank, NA vs. Kelly Rose–American Express Bank, FSB vs. Charles Dunn–Capital One, N.A. vs. Susan York–Discover Bank vs. Jerry G. Hagen, Jr.–Discover Bank vs....

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Fairfield Police Report

  Monday, Jan. 2nd6:25 AM-Officer Markham on alarm going off.7:35 AM-Officer Markham on alarm going off.8:09 AM-Officer Markham on report of power line down.4:55 PM-Officer Markham on report of unruly customer at restaurant.10:36 PM-Officer Weinmann arrest subject for driving on suspended driver license.Tuesday, Jan. 3rd12:02 PM-Officer Markham arrest subject on city warrants.5:55 PM-Officer Weinmann on report of subjects in parking lot arguing.Wednesday, Jan. 4th3:55 AM-Officer Weinmann on report of open door.12:23 PM-Officer Alexander to meet subject complainant neighbor stole their dog.1:47 PM-Officer Alexander to meet a complainant on phone harassment.3:58 PM-Officer Alexander on report of subjects fighting, no one around when officer arrived.Thursday, Jan. 5th12:51 AM-Officer Gallegos assist trooper on traffic stop.8:07 PM-Officer Gallegos arrest subject for assault.9:37 PM-Officer Gallegos on civil issue.Friday, Jan. 6th1:48 PM-Officer Price and Markham to PD to meet a complainant.2:07 PM-Officer Price and Markham on civil stand by.7:24 PM-Officer Weinmann on open  gate.9:47 PM-Officer Weinmann on suspicious vehicle.Saturday, Jan. 7th1:37 AM-Officer Weinmann on suspicious vehicle.12:49 PM-Officer Price and Markham on burglary of habitation.1:10 PM-Officer Price and Markham to meet a complainant.6:41 PM-Officer Weinmann on report of structure fire, was brush pile.Sunday, Jan. 8th1:13 AM-Officer Weinmann on suspicious vehicle.12:18 PM-Officer Price and Markham to PD to meet a complainant.3:08 PM-Officer Price and Markham assist EMS on medical...

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Officials Take Oath of Office While Looking Toward New Year

  TAKING HIS OATH IN A HURRY is Freestone County’s new Sheriff, Jeremy Shipley. With him are wife Jill and daughter Addison. Shipley had to rush through the process due to an active shooter situation. “I thank you all for being here to show support. I know the other officials appreciate it too. I’m sorry I can’t stay, but it’s business as usual!” TAKING HIS OATH OF OFFICE is new County Attorney Brian Evans who is supported by his wife Amy, and two sons, Aaron (between parents) and Brandt (hiding under dad’s jacket). “I’m looking forward to finally getting started!” BEING SWORN INTO HER FIRST TERM AS Constable – Pct. 3 is Pamela Brackens-Barnes, supported by her proud husband, Dexter Barnes, and mother, Emma Brackens. “I’m so blessed to be in this position; and I promise to do my job to the best of my ability.” TAKING OFFICE AS CONSTABLE – PCT. 4, Wade Harrison is joined by his father-in-law Bryan Elliott. NEW COMMISSIONER – PCT. 1, Andy Bonner is sworn into office with wife Bobbi at his side. “I’m glad to be here and am ready to go to work!” NEW COMMISSIONER, PCT. 3 Mike Daniels is sworn into office with his wife Navlet at his side. “I feel excited and privileged to be able to serve the residents of Freestone County and Pct. 3. I look forward...

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Judge Showered with Motions to Disqualify, Recuse from Presiding Over Crimnal Cases

 Citing no response from a December letter addressed to 87th District Judge Deborah Oakes Evans, a Groesbeck attorney formally filed a “Motion to Recuse” on Monday, Janaury 9…                Citing no response from a December letter addressed to 87th District Judge Deborah Oakes Evans, Groesbeck attorney David E. Moore formally filed a “Motion to Recuse” on Monday morning, January 9, 2017. Moore’s letter, dated December 27, 2016, respectfully requested that Judge Evans voluntarily recuse herself from “every criminal case I have in Freestone District Court once your son takes office.” Hitting court exactly ten business days later, Moore’s Motion is filed on behalf of a client who, as of press time, is set to be arraigned in Judge Evans’ court this Friday, January 13th. Newly elected Freestone County prosecutor, Brian Evans, was officially sworn in last week by his mother, Judge Evans, during an induction ceremony held Tuesday, January 3, 2017. In anticipation of that day, Judge Evans had emailed a letter, less than two months ago, to local defense attorneys, officially disclosing her familial relationship to the incoming County Attorney, and outlining changes to case assignment in order to avoid the appearance of any impropriety. In Judge Evans’ letter, she cites advice from the Judicial Ethics Commission, stating it was not a conflict or a disqualification to preside over criminal cases with...

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