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Game Warden Field Notes: True Confessions of a Freestone County Gator Poacher

The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports. Out (of it) for a Swim A Tarrant County game warden received a call from the sheriff’s department reporting an overturned kayak in the middle of Benbrook Lake and the displaced paddler in distress. It was determined the individual was delusional and told the Benbrook Fire Department he didn’t need any help. Responders tossed the man a life jacket and convinced him to put it on, but as the warden attempted to grab the individual and place him in the patrol boat for his safety, the subject took the life jacket off and swam away from the boat. After refusing another life jacket, the individual swam to the shore. The warden and the firemen attempted to restrain the individual but he ran back into the lake and swam back out. The warden boarded his boat and used it to push the subject back to the shore where numerous Benbrook police officers and Tarrant County sheriff’s deputies restrained him. He was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. True Confessions of a Gator Poacher A Freestone County game warden recently received information on some alligators allegedly killed on the Trinity River. After conducting several interviews of potential suspects, the warden got confessions from all parties involved in the killing of one alligator and the live-capture...

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SEC Case Against Texas AG Paxton Faces Hurdle

  If there’s anybody who knows less about the vagaries of securities law than a state judge, it’s a Collin County grand jury. Federal judges, on the other hand, deal with securities law often, which makes a hearing in Sherman on Friday an important bellwether in the legal saga that has overshadowed Ken Paxton’s term as attorney general. Federal District Judge Amos L. Mazzant, III will hear oral arguments on whether to dismiss a lawsuit the Securities and Exchange Commission filed against Paxton in April. The federal case revolves around the same events that led to Paxton’s indictment by a Collin County grand jury that was instructed and closely overseen by District Judge Chris Oldner, whose conduct and public comments on the case have drawn three complaints with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct. Paxton’s role was to invite several people to a 2011 meeting to consider a pitch from Bill Mapp, the CEO of a company called Servergy, who began exaggerating about his product in 2012 and 2013, as his need for cash to keep his company afloat grew desperate. Paxton is accused of forwarding an email with promotional material, of telling one potential investor that he thought Servergy was a “great company,” of failing to do the investors’ homework for them in checking out the company’s claims, and of failing to volunteer that he either was going...

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Write-In Candidate Added to Ballot, Pct. 1 – County Commissioner

After press time last week, Freestone County Times learned that yet another Write-In Candidate has filed with the Freestone County Judge’s office. Gerald D. Manning placed his hat in the ring, entering the race for Precinct 1 – County Commissioner. “Just doing something for my community,” says Manning, when asked what prompted his decision. During the Republican primary, incumbent Commissioner Luke Ward, Sr. faced three challengers, ultimately losing the nomination in a Run-Off Election to Andy Bonner by a narrow 57 votes. As there were no Democratic candidates in this year’s local elections, Bonner was expected to be named County Commissioner following the General Election in November. However, with a new candidate on the ballot, Precinct 1 voters will have the opportunity to choose, once again. Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  October 28th is the last day to register to vote in the General...

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Tax Rate, Fall Events & Budget Discussed by Council

Fresh off the volleyball court, FHS ninth grader Belle Johnson came before Fairfield City Council on Tuesday, August 23rd to request use facilities at the fairgrounds for a Youth Revival in October.  Belle was accompanied by her mother, Misty Johnson, and teacher, Betsy Monico, who are assisting in her in this endeavor. This poised young lady shared her vision for a 48-hour praise revival that would encompass different people and churches from the area.  “We just want to worship together and be able connect with people in the community who have lost their faith and help rebuild their faith,” she said. According to Belle, several churches in Fairfield have agreed to help, along with many friends and family who have signed on to volunteer during the event. The Tent revival would be held October 21-23, 2016.  Although this is the same weekend as Fairfield Market Days, coordinator Darlene Jones has welcomed the event, according to Belle.  The council was also informed that security for the event is being secured. The vote was unanimous for allowing use of the fairgrounds for The Tent youth revival, with Mayor Roy Hill stating the City would assist in any way they could. In other business, City Administrator Jeff Looney presented information on the proposed property tax rate.  With a tax rate of .3488 for the last three year, the City of Fairfield has...

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