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World’s Largest Post-Combustion Carbon Capture Facility, On-Budget and On-Schedule

–Part of NRG Energy’s overall fossil fuel decarbonization strategy—   “Today’s ribbon cutting at Petra Nova, the largest post-combustion carbon capture project in the world, celebrates a tremendous accomplishment in the development of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) technology, says Michael Nasi, General Counsel of Balanced Energy for Texas.” NRG Energy, Inc. (NYSE:NRG) and JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation (JX Nippon) completed construction, on-budget and on-schedule, of Petra Nova, the world’s largest post-combustion carbon capture system, in Fort Bend County, Texas. The official ribbon cutting was held April 13, 2017. Petra Nova first captured carbon dioxide...

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Library Renovation Plans Realized: $49,621 Grant Received

Exciting things are happening at the public library in Fairfield, Texas. The Fairfield Library recently received a $49,621 grant from the Tocker Foundation to support the modernization project currently underway. Funds will be used to purchase new furniture and shelving. The grant, written by Tammy Gawryszewski, requested updates to the children’s area, furnishings for a modernized community room, and a new computer lab. With this generous donation from the Tocker Foundation, the Fairfield library will be able to receive the face-lift and upgrades needed to create a flourishing space for our community, just as it was years ago. The...

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Upcoming Fairfield Projects Talked Over During Workshop

The City of Fairfield has their work cut out for them, following last week’s Council Workshop on pending projects. “I believe that makes number five,” remarked Mayor Roy Hill, as one more meeting was added to the list. While no action was taken, there was plenty of discussion among the council members and City Administrator Jeff Looney. First, the group discussed the benefits of becoming a Municipal Court of Record.  “This would put more teeth in what they can do,” says Looney, explaining that a formal proceeding would be taken more seriously by those being ticketed or fined. Becoming a Municipal Court of Record would require the hiring of a City Attorney, a position previously filled by long-time attorney, Reed Jackson. The council also gave input as to the benefits of utilizing their current law firm out of Waco, versus seeking someone locally. The consensus was that, while a larger, out-or-town firm might specialize in municipality regulation, travel costs would likely make them more expensive. However, as one councilman pointed out, “If you’re 30 miles away from home, you’re an expert!” Mayor Hill interjected that about 85% will entail traffic issues.  He further stated that the City could go to the larger law firm “when we had bigger issues.” “We’ve been talking annexation for how many years?” asked Councilman Joe Lee Kirgan, when the discussion flowed to the next...

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Raising Over $1,700 for County Foster Kids: ‘Go Blue Day’ a Huge Success

CELEBRATING THE SIGNING OF THE Child Abuse Prevention Month Proclamation on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 are (front, l-r) Commissioners: Pct. 4 – Clyde Ridge, Pct. 3 – Mike Daniels, County Judge Linda Grant, Pct. 2 – Craig Oakes, and Pct. 1 – Andy Bonner; (middle, l-r) Freestone Co. Child Protective Services Board (FCCPSB) members: Cheryl Evans, Pilar Harris, Cynthia Shed, Katherine Jackson, Cynthia Gage, CPS Supervisor – Ashley Gomez, and Pam Barnes; and (back, l-r) Sheriff Jeremy Shipley, Chief Deputy Devin Mowrey, CPS Case Worker – Vicki Dixon, FCCPSB member – Karen Daniels, CPS Admin Asst – Marquise Lee,...

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County Takes Care of Business: Catch the Action Online at YouTube

Bringing the County into compliance, providing Deputy safety, and going out for bids on HVAC services were top on the list of items discussed at the Commissioners Court meeting held Wednesday, April 5, 2017. County Auditor Donna Williams brought to the attention of the court that as far back as records show, there has been no records on which offices in the county work with change funds and/or petty cash. Upon her research, Williams found that there were only four offices county-wide with a change fund, which is money used to provide change to customers for services rendered. These offices include the County Clerk, District Clerk, and Tax offices, and the Dew Dump Station. The total amount is a mere $710, but the general ledger needs to reflect these in order to stay in compliance. Commissioners voted in favor of approving these change funds for the four offices, and they are now on record. Sheriff Jeremy Shipley informed Commissioners that within the past couple of weeks, four dash-cams, in use in Deputy vehicles, have stopped working. Being that they are all more than five years old, the warranty no longer applies, so new ones will need to be purchased. These cameras are used to record each traffic stop. Video from these recordings are used in court, as needed. They are a vital part of the job, and need to...

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