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Major Injuries Avoided in Highway 84 Wreck

Another early morning head-on wreck occurred on Friday, October 13, 2017 on Highway 84 near Red Lake around 3:30 a.m. One of the two drivers involved fell asleep at the wheel, veering into the oncoming lane. The persons involved included a driver from Limestone who was headed to work at the Wal-Mart Warehouse near Palestine, and the other was headed to work at a near-by deer lease. Reports say that all injuries were minor. Responding to this accident were Butler and Southern Oaks Fire Departments and Fairfield...

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Victims of Fatal Crash on FM 488 Identified

The identity of the second young man involved in the early morning vehicle wreck that occurred on Monday, October 9th on FM 488 near FM 416 has been released. The passenger of the car was Bryce Cook, 19, of Houston. He was a freshman football player at Trinity Valley Community College, #30 Defensive Back. According to autopsy results, Cook, and the driver, 19-year-old Tyler Spillman of Spring, TX, both died on impact; and no illegal substances were found in their blood systems. The driver of the fuel tanker truck is reported to be recovering well from his minor...

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TxDOT Removes More Than 10 Million Cubic Feet of Debris

The Texas Department of Transportation has collected more than 10 million cubic feet of debris – or the equivalent of about 186 football fields – in the four districts most impacted by Hurricane Harvey since landfall August 25. From Corpus Christi to Houston and numerous towns in between, TxDOT crews have worked tirelessly to help clear roadways and help citizens in their ongoing recovery efforts. “We continue to deliver much needed service to those communities seeking our assistance,” said TxDOT Deputy Executive Director Marc Williams. “I am so proud of the men and women of TxDOT who have so selflessly given their time and energy to this clean-up effort, even while many of them continue coping with their own personal losses.” More than 600 TxDOT employees working weekly rotations have been brought in from around the state to assist local employees with debris removal in the hardest-hit areas on the coast from Corpus Christi to Beaumont. At the height of the storm, more than 500 road closures impacted the state transportation system. Today, only one road — Park Road 1C in Buescher State Park in Bastrop County — remains closed due to damage. Additionally, more than 4,300 bridges were inspected following the storm and only 13 required some repair. Of the 25 State of Texas Assistance Requests for debris removal TxDOT has received, work has been completed in 10...

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Big Brown Power Plant Closes, News Affects Four Corners of Freestone County

February could mark the closing of an era as both mining and plant operations at Big Brown in Freestone County may shut down for good. Luminant announced on Friday, October 13, 2017 its intention of closing of two coal-fueled power plants: the Big Brown Power Plant in Freestone County and the Sandow Power Plant in Milam County. “I am saddened that this is being considered,” states Fairfield Mayor Roy Hill. “It will have a huge impact on our economy, our local merchants and our parks.” Big Brown was the first of modern lignite power plants to be built, brought...

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Fairfield Man ‘No Billed’ in Aggravated Assault

Grand Jury returned a ‘NO BILL’ in regard to the charge of Aggravated Assault with a deadly Weapon against Fairfield man, Michael Stamper, Jr., 21. Stamper was arrested following a shooting incident that occurred in Teague on Friday, June 22, 2017 involving two groups of young men, many of which were minors. According to District/County Attorney Brian Evans, plans are to move forward with a misdemeanor charge against Stamper. No further details were available at press...

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