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Elected Officials Excluded from Employee Raises

In an interesting turn of events, Freestone County Commissioners made an amendment to a vote that approved a two-percent raise for all County employees during a regularly scheduled meeting held Wednesday, August 2, 2017. At a previous meeting, Commissioners voted to give the raise across the board, to all county employees. This was not a unanimous vote, with Commissioner Pct. #2 Craig Oakes voting against. During this most recent meeting, they came back and amended the motion to exclude all elected officials. Again, this was not a unanimous vote. Commissioner Pct. #3 Mike Daniels voted against the exclusion. Also at this meeting, Commissioners voted to approve a one-year contract with Five Star Correctional Services for Jail Food Service. With this contract, meals will cost the County $1.48 per meal, per inmate, up from last year’s cost of $1.45 per meal. “Even with this cost increase, the cost is still significantly less then what was paid per meal with the previous Jail Food Service company we used,” explains Sheriff Jeremy Shipley. Announcements made during the meeting include that the Tax Rate Meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.; the Freestone County 4-H Banquet will be held on Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at Twisted Vine (the old VFW building); and the burn ban remains lifted at this...

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Marriage Licenses & Civil Cases Filed in July

Marriage Licenses The following couples filed for Marriage Licenses during July 2017. –Walter / Johnson –Holler / Cox –Tafolla-Maldonado / Rodriguez-Valencia –Tanner / Fought –Crenshaw / Crenshaw –Rubio Sacilia / Fortson –Shed / Simpson –Campbell / Davis –Crawford / Angustein –Proulx / Fisk   Civil Cases There were 8 ‘In the Interest of’ & ‘In the Matter of’ cases for the Month of July 2017. Other civil cases are as follows: –Ronald Earl Gabriel, Jr. vs. Katilyn McDonald Gabriel –Yuliana Gandara vs. Diago Maniano Gandara Rodriguez –Tonya Marie Agapion vs. Jeremy Wayne Agapion –Kenneth Ray McLerran vs. Judy Kay McLerran –Allison Marie Bonner King vs. Justin Shane King –John James Jarrell vs. Alexis Ray Jarrell –Joshua David Simmons, Sr. vs. Kierra Katrina Busby –Tammy Marie Baker vs. William Preston Smith –Jack Hendrix & William Hendrix vs. Danny Cockrell –Discover Bank vs. Brandy M. Barnes –Discover Bank vs. Ricky G. Allen –Ford Motor Credit Company, LLC vs. William Childers & Doris Childers –Balboa Capital Corporation, a California Corporation vs. Melisa Noland, et al –Ruel Jay Tidwell vs. Al Gibson & Vicki Gibson d/b/a Mustang Diesel Repair –James B. Nutter & Company vs. The Estate of Harold L. Orand, et al –Eddis Marie Fields, individually & an heir to the body of Donald Jones vs. Palestine Principal Healthcare LP d/b/a Palestine Regional Medical Center, EMS, et al –The State of Texas...

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Fairfield Police Report – August 9, 2017

by Chief of Police Kenny Bulger   Monday, July 31 6:13 AM-Officer Lawrence on attempted break in. 10:12 AM-Officer Lawrence on report of subject burning stuff in yard, was advised to put out. 2:19 PM-Officer Lawrence located vehicle from another city that was wanted. 5:54 PM-Officer Alexander on report of loud music. 9:51 PM-Officer Markham on suspicious vehicle behind closed business, was business owners. 10:14 PM-Officer Alexander on possible stolen bike. 11:04 PM-Officer Alexander and Markham on report of suspicious substance on table at restaurant. Tuesday, August 1 4:37 AM-Officer Markham on alarm going off. 7:55 AM-Officer Lawrence to...

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Game Warden Field Notes

The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports. Too Fond of the Fawn A Bexar County game warden was called by Alamo security about a woman walking a white-tailed fawn on a leash. When she arrived on the scene, the warden questioned her about picking up the fawn on the side of the road. The woman claimed she came to the Alamo to take Fourth of July family photos. The game warden tried to explain the state law forbidding possession of game animals, but she would not listen and became very upset. The fawn was seized and taken to a licensed Texas Parks and Wildlife rehabilitator and charges are pending. Tourists were educated at the Alamo about attempting to take game animals as pets. Illegal Netting Isn’t Easy While patrolling Willacy County, a game warden received an Operation Game Thief crime stopper call regarding three individuals who were possibly working a gill net within a public waterway on the west side of the county. After arriving at the location, the warden witnessed two exhausted individuals putting the final touches on a freshly set gill net. After a few minutes, the fishermen finally noticed they were being watched by a game warden and one of the individuals immediately said, “Well sir, I’m not going to deny it, you caught me.” The warden proceeded...

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Grand Jury Indictments – July 2017

Indictments from July 26, 2017 Grand Jury: –Dequon Warren, 22, B/M, Teague, Assault of a Public Servant, IN JAIL, Date of Offense: 05-04-17 –Joseph Young, 17, B/M, Teague, Burglary of a Habitation, IN JAIL, Date of Offense: 07-05-17 –Nicholas Juliano, 24, W/M, Streetman, Tampering, BONDED OUT, Date of Offense: 05-02-17 –Vincente Nocete, 18, P/M, Conroe, Tampering, BONDED OUT, Date of Offense: 07-02-17 –David Brock, 25, W/M, Allen, Tampering, BONDED OUT, Date of Offense: 07-01-17 –Sidney Bryant, 22, B/M, Teague, Failure to Register Sex Offender, IN JAIL, Date of Offense: 12-15-16 –Rashad Walker, 19, B/M, Teague, Credit/Debit Card Abuse, BONDED OUT, Date of Offense: 05-22-17 –Jonathan Cain, 45, W/M, Fairfield, Sexual Assault of a Child, BONDED OUT, Date of Offense: 06-01-17 –Ricky Mireles, 52, H/M, Fairfield, Possession of Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1, less than 1 Gram, BONDED OUT, Date of Offense: 05-12-17 –Homer Robertson, 29, W/M, Fairfield, Evading w/Vehicle, IN JAIL, Date of Offense: 05-27-17 –Damian Jones, 22, B/M, Teague, Possession of Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1, less than 1 Gram, BONDED OUT, Date of Offense: 05-24-17 –Gary Reeves, 37, B/M, Teague, Possession of Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1, 1<4 Gram and Evading w/Vehicle, BONDED OUT, Date of Offense: 01-19-17 –Lisa Reed, 50, W/F, Corsicana, Possession of Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1, less than 1 Gram x2, BONDED OUT, Date of Offense: 02-09-17 –Miguel Lopez, 31, W/M, Ft. Worth,...

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