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Teague Police Report – October 18, 2017

Monday, October 09, 2017 2:24 AM Sgt. Mason was dispatched to an animal complaint in the 600 block of Elm. 6:41AM Sgt. Mason was dispatched to a welfare concern in the 800 block of S. 7th Ave. 9:47AM Officer Keale responded to a welfare concern in the 800 block of S. 7th Ave. 1:47 PM Officer Keale was dispatched to a residential alarm in the 700 block of Pecan. Tuesday, October 10, 2017 10:45 AM Officer Keale met with an individual concerning his captured animals. 11:12 AM Officer Keale conducted a funeral escort. 1:58 PM Officer Keale responded to...

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Fairfield Police Report – October 18, 2017

by Chief of Police, Kenny Bulger Monday, Oct. 9th 12:03 PM-Officer Scarrow and Markham to meet a complainant. 6:03 PM-Officer Lawrence on minor wreck, possible medical condition. 11:18 PM-Officer Lawrence assist subject at ER. Tuesday, Oct. 10th 5:30 AM-Officer Lawrence on report of cows out. 9:01 AM-Officer Scarrow and Markham on report of minor wreck. 10:16 AM-Officer Scarrow and Markham assist on funeral escort. 10:48 AM-Officer Scarrow and Markham on alarm going off. 7:41 PM-Officer Lawrence assist Fairfield Fire Department on vehicle fire. 11:57 PM-Officer Lawrence on alarm going off. Wednesday, Oct. 11th 2:53 AM-Officer Lawrence on suspicious vehicle....

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Texas Game Warden Field Notes

The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports. Struggles with Math A game warden was on patrol opening day of dove season in Bee County and, while checking a group of hunters, found numerous violations. When the warden contacted one individual with a pile of 14 dove on his truck who was still actively hunting, the hunter stated he needed one more bird to finish out his 15-bird daily bag limit. “What’s in the bag?” the warden asked, pointing to the man’s game bird bag. He then reluctantly produced one dove from his game bag. When the warden asked him if he had any more birds, the math-challenged hunter sheepishly withdrew three more from his bag. Cases were filed for exceeding the daily limit on dove. Hogging the Squirrels Game wardens were working the Cooper Wildlife Management Area on the Delta/Hopkins County line, checking teal hunters, when they heard several shots and people hollering in the river bottom. The wardens located a small vehicle and decided to wait for the hunters to return. As they waited, more shots and hollering were heard. A subject eventually returned to the car and retrieved several water bottles. Contact was made and the wardens determined the hunter was attempting to conceal the location of his hunting buddies. A search of the vicinity uncovered three subjects hiding...

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District Courtroom Renovations Update

PHASE ONE OF RENNOVATIONS ON the District Courtroom is complete. Phase one consisted of removing the east side wall to give more room, removing old paneling, replacing jury seating, adding viewer seating, and opening the upstairs gallery. Phase two is set to begin soon. (Photo by Nicole...

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Fairfield Police Report – Oct. 11, 2017

by Chief of Police, Kenny Bulger Monday, Oct. 2nd 8:56 AM-Officer Bates assist Fairfield EMS on medical emergency. 4:30 PM-Officer Bates on civil stand by. 8:18 PM-Officer Gallegos on report of suspicious vehicle in subject’s driveway. 10:21 PM-Officer Gallegos on report of minor wreck.   Tuesday, Oct. 3rd 12:17 AM-Officer Price on report of verbal disturbance. 3:19 PM-Officer Bates on report of debris in the roadway. 4:27 PM-Officer Bates on business alarm going off. 8:37 PM-Officer Gallegos on 911 call from closed building. 9:13 PM-Officer Price on report of subject being assaulted.   Wednesday, Oct. 4th 1:37 AM-Officer Price...

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