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Sheriff Issues Appeal to Citizens in Fight Against Crime

Responding to the increased number of citizens wanting to assist law enforcement officials and build a stronger partnership in the fight against crime, Sheriff Jeremy Shipley today announced that Freestone County Citizens are being invited to become Associate Members of the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas. Membership invitations will go out in the mail over the next several weeks. Associate Member funding allows the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas to provide critical training, technical resources, and legislative support on key criminal justice issues to law enforcement officers across the state. In addition, dues will be used to support crime prevention and awareness programs, promote public safety, fight drug abuse, provide additional training for sheriffs and their deputies, and provide scholarships for children of law enforcement officers. Contributions to the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas are tax-deductible. “The Associate Membership Drive helps provide the funding which is vital to our mission of making our communities safer places to live, work and play,” said Sheriff Shipley. The Associate Membership Program was created to provide citizens with an opportunity to lend their support to more effective law enforcement and to better help local Sheriffs protect the lives and property of citizens. “During these economic times, the need for building stronger public-private law enforcement partnerships continues to escalate, and programs such as this continue to grow in importance,” said Sheriff Shipley. “I encourage every citizen receiving...

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Freestone County Sheriff’s Report

by Sheriff Jeremy Shipley   ICE Arrests Man in Fairfield Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers apprehended 30-year-old Victor Oscar Rivera-Rodriguez of Mexico in Fairfield on Friday, March 24th on immigration violations. This was a targeted ICE operation looking for a specific individual following investigative leads. No one was injured during this incident. An ICE media relations officer states that Rivera-Rodriguez will remain in ICE custody pending his immigration removal proceedings.   FCSO Assist US Marshals On Saturday, March 25th, Freestone County Sheriff’s Office Investigator, Lieutenant Clay Aldrich assisted US Marshals in the apprehension of a subject wanted on...

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Fairfield Police Report

by Chief of Police Kenny Bulger Monday, March 20 3:33 PM-Officer Alexander on report of missing property from store. 4:02 PM-Officer Alexander on report of traffic jam at Loves. 5:33 PM-Officer Bates and Gallegos on report of minor wreck. Tuesday, March 21 2:52 AM-Officer Bates and Gallegos on suspicious vehicle in parking lot of closed business. 1:29 PM-Officer Alexander on report of oversize load hitting power line. 1:51 PM-Officer Alexander on report of panhandlers. 3:37 PM-Officer Alexander on report of another oversize load getting hung on power line. 8:32 PM-Officer Bates and Gallegos on report of suspicious person. Wednesday,...

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Getting In Sync with Wortham Police Department

      On March 21st the officers of the Wortham Police Department received training in the use of the COPsync police reporting system. WPD was awarded a grant in the sum of $30,000. “This grant allowed us to have 4 new laptop computers and the software installed to operate the system,” says Police Chief Kelly Butler. The addition of these computers and the COPsync system will allow the department and its officers to do many things from their patrol cars, without having to wait on information from Freestone County Dispatch, according to the Chief. “Many times the dispatchers are busy dispatching for other agencies, fire and EMS. This will take some of the load off of dispatch and make our officers more effective in doing their jobs,” says Chief Butler. This is the same system that Teague Police Department is already using. Because Teague and Wortham are operating on the same system they will be able to communicate and share information faster. “I would like to thank the Mayor and City Council for allowing me the latitude to apply for this grant,” says Police Chief Butler. “We have officially added another high tech tool to help us fight crime and keep our officers...

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Texas Game Warden Field Notes

  The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports.   Unabridged Violation Game wardens in Limestone and Freestone counties filed cases on multiple individuals for fishing from a bridge in clear violation of signs indicating the act was illegal. They were using a cast net to catch crappie, an illegal means and method for taking game fish in Texas. The netters were also in possession of undersized crappie and had no fishing licenses. In addition to citations, the individuals were educated on species identification and the definition of fishing. One Too Many Trips to the Well A Montgomery County game warden apprehended an individual trespassing on a deer lease, but the subject wasn’t there to poach, at least not wildlife. Seems he trespassed with the intent to illegally dump a boat. The subject was arrested for criminal trespassing and for driving with an invalid license. After booking the subject into jail, the warden drove to the address on the subject’s vehicle registration and found three deer feeders in the backyard that matched the description of ones reported stolen from the deer lease several weeks earlier. After receiving consent to search the residence from the subject’s mother, the warden discovered two stolen game cameras and a stolen ATV, both of which were also recovered. Additional criminal charges pending. Can’t Outrun the Law A...

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