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Fairfield Police Report – Dec. 20, 2017

by Chief of Police Kenny Bulger Monday, Dec. 11th 8:10 AM-Sgt. Utsey on report of alarm going off. 9:06 AM-Officer Bates to PD to meet a complainant on assault. 11:51 AM-Officer Bates to meet a complainant on unwanted text that they had received. Tuesday, Dec. 12th 1:30 AM-Officer Scarrow and Gallegos on report of suspicious vehicle. 3:17 PM-Officer Bates on alarm going off. 5:04 PM-Officer Bates to PD to meet a complainant. 7:40 PM-Officer Scarrow and Gallegos on open gate. 10:05 PM-Officer Price on report of minor wreck. Wednesday, Dec. 13th 8:42 AM-Officer Markham on report of suspicious person....

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Teague Police Report – December 13, 2017

Monday, December 04, 2017 2:28 PM Officer Keale was dispatched to a disorderly conduct call at Kilgore Trailer Park. 3:22 PM Officer Keale conducted a funeral escort at Bowers Funeral Home. 3:58 PM Officer Keale responded to an animal complaint on Loop 255. 5:16 PM Officer Keale was dispatched to a business alarm in the 400 block of Main Street. 5:35 PM Officer Keale was dispatched to a traffic hazard on Hwy 84. 6:01 PM Officer Keale was dispatched to a family violence call in the 1000 block of N. 1st ave. 9:35 PM Officer Cox was dispatched to...

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Marriages & Civil Cases for November 2017

Marriages The following couples filed for Marriage Licenses during November 2017. –Brantley / Severs –Garcia Flores / Wilkie –Young / Rios –Savedra Rojas / Alaffita Nana –Stacks / Hawkins –Lancaster / Carroll –Vaughan / Missildine –Salas / Lee –Hobbs / Walker –Sleziak / Winters –Allcorn / Parham –Dominguez / Fernandez-Hidalgo –Perales-Rodriguez / Molina –Hullum / Yoder –Solley / Hibbard   Civil Cases There were 2 ‘In the Interest of’ & ‘In the Matter of’ cases for the Month of November 2017. Other civil cases are as follows: –Heather Beldin vs. Stephen Beldin –Miranda Celeste Freeman vs. Shawna Lynn Freeman –Elizabeth Ann Duckworth-Sypho vs. Joseph Edward Sypho –Carla Rae Sessions vs. Hammond Sessions –Ronald L Reynolds vs. Tenna Reynolds –Buddie Thompson vs. Jennifer Sandoval –Colton Joseph Capp vs. Addie Capp –Ross Mathison vs. Brittany Mathison –Rachael Christine Darby vs. Michael Allen Darby, II –Ronald Perry Davis vs. Ella Mae Davis –Denouncia Ulvetle Rice vs. Rodney Bernard Rice –Ervin Scovel vs. Deborah Oakes Evans –Melody Gail Cockerell vs. Andrea Hernandez et al –Irma I Torres aka Margie Torres vs. Andres Bentancourt et al –Conn Appliances, Inc d/b/a Conns vs. Jose L Garcia –Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC vs. Clayton Wells –Citibank N.A. vs. Joseph Hankins –Rebecca Bosley vs. Gayle McInnis –Synchrony Bank vs. Maura Plemons –Billy R. High, Jr. & Traci High Ward vs. National Royalty Company & Marlin Royalty Company –Discovery...

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Fairfield Police Report – December 13, 2017

by Chief of Police Kenny Bulger Monday, Dec. 4th 1:35 PM-Officer Markham on report of suspicious subject. 3:09 PM-Officer Markham to PD to meet a complainant. 4:13 PM-Officer Markham on reported vandalism. 4:41 PM-Officer Markham on reported disturbance between landlord and ex tenet. 5:01 PM-Officer Markham served subject a criminal trespass notice. 8:14 PM-Officer Lawrence and Wilson assist Fairfield Fire on RV fire. Tuesday, Dec. 5th 8:44 AM-Officer Markham assist Trooper with unruly subject at ER. 10:47 AM-Officer Markham on report of fraudulent check that was tried to be passed. 2:13 PM-Officer Markham assist Trooper on traffic stop. 9:36...

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All In A Day’s Work – Game Warden Field Notes for Dec. 13, 2017

The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports. Crossing the Line On opening weekend of mule deer season, game wardens were patrolling an isolated stretch of back road near the Texas/New Mexico border in Cochran County when they observed suspicious activity in the distance; a red pickup truck had suddenly turned around on the two-lane highway to go southbound, and then came to a stop in the bar ditch. The wardens quickly turned into the nearest county road to observe. Using binoculars, the wardens detected a rifle sticking out the window of the truck. They quickly moved in and made contact with the occupants in the red truck, which was still in the ditch. The occupants, from New Mexico, admitted to shooting at feral hogs, but claimed that because they were in New Mexico, the Texas wardens were out of their jurisdiction. Asked how they had determined their location, the individuals pointed to the yellow centerline in the highway, believing that was the state line separating Texas from New Mexico. Charges for hunting on a public roadway, in Texas, and discharging a firearm on a Texas public roadway are pending. OMG, LOL, SMH Harris County game wardens monitoring a development property for illegal hunting activity encountered two individuals emerging from the woods riding a UTV. It was readily apparent to the wardens...

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