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Courthouse News – Civil Cases & Marriages for March 2017

Marriages The following couples filed for Marriage Licenses during March 2017. –Hinojosa-Adame/Yepez –Lay/Bruton –Sherman/Bartlett –Kimball/Miller –Evansja/Black –Worsencroft/Castillo –Dominguez/Ramirez Jimenez –Brice/Mouten –Sloat/Bell –Grayson/Stallings-Planle –Chitwood/Boyd –Rodriguez/Ojejda –Minze/Shamblin –York/Reynolds –Cabrera-Moya/Rivera-Lopez –Reed/Eubanks –Rosales-Diaz/Aimaraz-Cazarin –McPherson/Lujano   Civil Cases   There are 8 ‘In the Interest of’ & ‘In the Matter of’ cases for the Month of March 2017. Other civil cases are as follows: –Brandy Leigh Russell vs. Brandon Cade Russell –Carla Ann Short vs. Wendell Ray Short, Jr. –Laura Beth Spearman vs. Jeffery Eugene Spearman –Traci Anderson vs. Darrell Erwin Anderson –Rachel Ann Ganus vs. Games Ganus –Michael Scott Svoboda vs. Grace Amber Svoboda –Journey Fox vs. Richard Fox –Charles Ray Escobar, II vs. Lisa Michelle Escobar –Alicia Marie Bonner vs. Kenneth Lee Bonner –Celia Ann Fortunato vs. Guido Alan Fortunato –Merry Annette Oden vs. Ervin Clifford Oden –Christopher Shayne Pickens vs. Sarah J Holman –Teia Walters vs. Michael Turner –Tiffany Caroline Brock vs. Shawn Michael –Carlton E. Brantner vs. George M Robonson –Target Restoration Service, LLC vs. Randy K Robinson, et al –American Express Centurion Bank vs. Luke Rains –Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC vs. Yvette Daniels –Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC vs. Shirley Bain –Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC vs. Anita Patterson –Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC vs. Ronald Dean Davidson –Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC vs. Geneva Jackson –Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC vs. Eva Burns –Discover Bank vs. Cesar Duarte –Discover Bank vs. Thomas Brown...

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County Sheriff’s Report

by Sheriff Jeremy Shipley We are asking our citizens to please be aware of children playing with your cell phones or having old cell phones. Some of the old cell phones can still dial 9-1-1 even without phone service. Our office received more than 20 calls today on Emergency 9-1-1 that were found to be young children having access to cell phones. Our Dispatchers are constantly handling calls and reports that can be life and death situations for those on the other end of the line and the seconds spent tending to multiple, unnecessary, accidental calls on the Emergency line can cost us valuable seconds. We appreciate your assistance in helping us serve and protect you with greater efficiency. Freestone County Deputies Lt. Willis and Deputy Darby were able to remove 4 grams of Meth and assorted prescription drugs from the street Saturday night. The arrested subject was apprehended just East of Fairfield on Hwy 84 and is charged with Manufacturing/Delivery Controlled Substance PG 1 > 1 gram < 4 grams and Possession of Controlled Substance PG 3 < 28 grams. Good work Deputies. Freestone County was under a Tornado Watch until 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. There was confirmed Baseball and Golf Ball size hail in our county. As of Sunday afternoon, there were trees being reported across roads and lying in roadways. These locations are as follows: CR...

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Fairfield Police Report

by Chief of Police Kenny Bulger   Monday, March 27 6:22 PM-Officer Weinmann to PD to meet a complainant. 8:12 PM-Officer Weinmann on report of major wreck on IH 45. 9:23 PM-Officer Weinmann on report of intoxicated subjects possibly fighting, 4 subjects arrested for public intoxication. 11:55 PM-Officer Weinmann on alarm going off. Tuesday, March 28 8:00 AM-Officer Alexander on report of disturbance restaurant. 1:00 PM-Officer Alexander to PD to meet a complainant. 9:28 PM-Officer Weinmann on 911 hang up call, possible phone trouble. Wednesday, March 29 12:31 AM-Officer Weinmann assist trooper on traffic stop. 3:59 AM-Officer Weinmann on alarm going off. 8:30 AM-Officer Alexander on report of power pole on fire. 2:35 PM-Officer Alexander on report of subject refusing to leave the ER. 3:30 PM-Officer Alexander on report of minor wreck. 6:23 PM-Officer Bates and Gallegos on report of suspicious person. 9:16 PM-Officer Price on report of lost dog. Thursday, March 30 3:43 AM-Officer Bates, Gallegos and Price on alarm going off. 7:45 AM-Officer Alexander and Sgt. Utsey on report of minor wreck. 8:49 AM-Officer Alexander on report of vehicle blocking the roadway. 9:04 AM-Officer Alexander on report of minor wreck. 9:30 AM-Officer Alexander on report of wreck in parking lot. 10:36 AM-Officer Alexander assist Fairfield EMS on medical emergency. 11:14 AM-Officer Alexander to PD to speak to a complainant. 2:34 PM-Officer Alexander to meet a complainant. 2:35...

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Teague Police Report

by Chief of Police Daniel Ramsey The Teague Police Department has become aware of a scam circulating in our area and want you to be aware. A citizen has received a mailing of winning a large sum of money. The catch? They send a check for you to cash, turn over to them, and give you another check for your winnings. Folks, please understand you should NEVER have to pay to receive prize winnings. NEVER give money upfront to receive anything of this nature. Please contact us so we can work to combat this epidemic and prosecute these...

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Sheriff Appointed to HOTCOG Committee

Last week Sheriff Jeremy Shipley was accepted as a board member for the Heart of Texas Council of Governments Law Enforcement Training Advisory Committee. Mainly known under the abbreviated name of “HOTCOG”, it is a voluntary association of cities, counties, and special districts in Central Texas, based out of Waco, that serves the counties of Freestone, Falls, Hill, Bosque, Limestone, and McLennan, since 1966. The purpose and function of the advisory board is to provide guidance in curriculum and training needs, as well as ensuring the training is in compliance with TCOLE rules and regulations. Sheriff Shipley adds this appointment with HOTCOG to his current appointment as Chair Person of the Navarro County Police Academy Advisory Board and becomes a part of an instrumental group in establishing the future training and professional development of all Peace Officers, Jailers, and Telecommunicators in and around our...

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