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Fairfield Police Report – July 5, 2017

by Chief of Police Kenny Bulger Monday, June 26 8:05 AM-Officer Price on report of travel trailer broke down in the roadway. 10:20 AM-Officer Price on disturbance at residence. 11:47 AM-Officer Price on found property in parking lot. 12:28 PM-Officer Price back on reported disturbance. 4:12 PM-Officer Price on panic alarm going off, was mashed by accident. 6:10 PM-Officer Gallegos on report of basketball goal in the roadway, had it removed. 8:07 PM-Officer Gallegos to PD to meet a complainant. 10:47 PM-Officer Gallegos to meet a complainant on criminal trespass. 11:59 PM-Officer Gallegos on reported assault. Tuesday, June 27...

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Fairfield Police Report – June 28, 2017

by Chief of Police Kenny Bulger Monday, June 19th 7:39 AM-Officer Alexander on alarm going off, dogs had set off alarm. 12:53 PM-Officer Alexander to meet a complainant. 2:05 PM-Officer Alexander on civil stand by. 3:43 PM-Officer Alexander on report of two subjects fighting, was only verbal. 5:38 PM-Officer Markham on report of possible gun shots, ended up being no gun shots. 6:24 PM-Officer Lawrence on traffic jam at loves. 11:25 PM-Officer Lawrence and Markham on report of disturbance, was only verbal. Tuesday, June 20th 9:56 AM-Officer Alexander to PD to meet a complainant. 12:04 PM-Officer Alexander on report...

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Temporary Closure of Limestone Co. Detention Center

Limestone County Detention Center, publicly owned, but privately operated, has been closed again, but only temporarily according to Limestone County Judge Daniel Burkeen. Not to be confused with the Limestone County Jail, the Detention Center is being de-populated until a larger population is available for housing in an attempt to save money. Prior to closing, the facility had about 250 employees and generated millions of dollars of revenue, which accounted for about five percent of the county’s budget. “It is being maintained and kept on active status with the jail commission,” explains Burkeen. “LaSalle Corrections, the company hired to take over the prison, renovate the facility, and seek inmates, will continue to seek larger contracts so the facility can be reopened.” This closing will not affect Freestone County, as the inmate housing contract for overflow is with Limestone County Jail and not the detention...

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Fairfield Police Report – June 12-18, 2017

by Chief of Police Kenny Bulger   Monday, June 12 11:42 AM-Officer Bates and Price to PD to meet a complainant. 12:43 PM-Officer Bates and Price on report of alarm going off. 6:50 PM-Officer Gallegos on report of vehicle blocking driveway. 8:03 PM-Officer Gallegos and Chief Bulger on report of minor wreck. Tuesday, June 13 2:51 AM-Officer Gallegos on alarm going off. 2:26 PM-Officer Bates and Price on reports of truck hitting power line and caused the pole to break. 3:53 PM-Officer Bates and Price on report of alarm going off. 4:31 PM-Officer Bates and Price on report of...

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Holy Mackerel, Not Again – Texas Game Warden Field Notes

The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports. Gone Hog Wild A game warden was on his way home from work near Bay City when he noticed a pair of four wheelers driving around a private ranch working spotlights. He called another warden for backup and together they gathered up what turned out to be eight individuals and their hog dogs. Allegedly, a neighbor who knew the hunters told them that the ranch owner was out of town and wouldn’t be around. The warden contacted the rancher, who indicated that he would be getting with him to file charges on the group once he returned home. Holy Mackerel, Not Again A Matagorda County game warden was checking an offshore sport fisherman and found several frozen undersized Spanish mackerel. The fisherman stated that he had purchased the fish for offshore bait from a seafood dealer in Matagorda, who turned out to be the same business owner that received numerous citations for the same violation when wardens inspected his place of business a few weeks ago. The warden contacted the business owner and questioned him about the possible possession of any more undersized mackerel. The dealer admitted to having more and led the warden to a freezer where he had 256 illegal undersized mackerel stored. Citation and approximately $1,700 in civil restitution are pending....

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