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Game Warden Field Notes – June 7, 2017

The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports.   Don’t Mess with Texas While on patrol at Falcon Lake, game wardens spotted two plastic bottles floating about 100 yards inside U.S. waters of the lake. While littering is a crime, so is fishing by illegal means and methods. The bottles were attached to a line that connected five illegal hoop nets. Over 100 pounds of carp were released back into Falcon Lake, as well as 50 pounds of catfish. The nets were seized.   Un-tagged, You’re It Game wardens patrolling the Rio Grande River in Maverick County conducted a water safety check on a vessel with three men in it that were out to set limb lines. Later that afternoon wardens discovered several limb lines while patrolling the river and none had the required gear tags attached. In total, 16 limb lines were recovered as well as one trotline. The wardens later identified the lines as the ones that were in the vessel they conducted a water safety check on earlier that day. Wardens launched early the next morning and found the individuals that had set the lines. During the investigation the men admitted the lines belonged to them. It was also found that the boat the men were in had unauthorized numbers displayed on the vessel. Citations and warnings were issued...

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Freestone County Marriages, Civil Cases, and Indictments for May 2017

The following couples filed for Marriage Licenses during May 2017. –Carroll/Rawls –Bent/Canady –Eubanks/Turner –Solley/Hughes –Campbell/Sims –Agapiou/Haddock –Ferrell/Williams –Becks/Gatson –Current/Hale –Shamblin/Stanley –Minze/Reece   Civil Cases   There are 10 ‘In the Interest of’ & ‘In the Matter of’ cases for the Month of May 2017. Other civil cases are as follows: –Troy Capital, LLC vs. Breanna McGowen & Ladarius Brackens –The County of Freestone, Texas vs. Jonnie Ince, et al –The County of Freestone, Texas vs. Enron North America, LLC et al –The County of Freestone, Texas vs. Lee Aulton Jones –Capital One Bank (USA), NA vs. Lisa M Fuller...

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Fairfield Police Report – June 7, 2017

by Chief of Police Kenny Bulger   Monday, May 29 1:39 AM-Officer Lawrence on report of suspicious vehicle parked in roadway running, located and when officer arrived it drove away, with the assistance from a deputy the vehicle was stopped, subject arrested for illegal drugs. 9:47 AM-Officer Bates and Price on report of verbal altercation. 12:37 PM-Officer Bates and Price to PD to meet a complainant concerning an assault. 4:52 PM-Officer Price to meet a complainant over missing property. 5:50 PM- Officer Gallegos on report of vehicle broke down in IH 45 with small kids in it, ended up...

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Fairfield Police Report – May 31, 2017

by Chief Kenny Bulger Monday, May 22 9:25 AM-Officer Alexander to meet a complainant about child not wanting to go to school. 10:29 AM-Officer Alexander to meet a complainant over being harassed. 1:09 PM-Officer Alexander to ER to meet a complainant. Tuesday, May 23 3:34 AM-Officer Lawrence on report of minor wreck in parking lot. 1:54 PM-Officer Alexander on loose live stock. 3:35 PM-Officer Alexander to meet a complainant over an assault, the assault happened in another town. 3:51 PM-Officer Alexander on minor wreck. 5:57 PM-Officer Lawrence, Alexander and Chief Bulger assist on structure fire. 9:32 PM-Officer Lawrence on...

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Texas Jury Finds Doctor Negligent for Facebook Post

A Smith County jury found Dr. James R. Motlagh, a Tyler plastic surgeon, acted negligently when he posted a video of his patient on Facebook. The video, taken in the operating room immediately prior to surgery, showed his patient under general anesthesia. The patient’s face, breast and pubic area were exposed and the patient was identifiable. In addition to finding Dr. Motlagh negligent, the jury also found that by posting the video, Dr. Motlagh publicized private facts about his patient that would be highly offensive to a reasonable person. “This jury sent a clear message to doctors to respect their patients’ privacy and to keep their cell phones in their pockets during surgery,” said Jim Rodman, attorney for the patient. Last year, Dr. Motlagh was sanctioned by the Texas Board of Medical Examiners for this...

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