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Texas Legislature: Budget Deal Reached

The Senate’s chief negotiator on the budget announced Saturday a deal had been reached between the House and Senate on how to pay for state services over the next two years. “White smoke has emerged from our conclave, and we have reached a consensus on what I believe is a responsible, compassionate and smart budget for the people of Texas,” said Flower Mound Senator and Finance Committee Chair Jane Nelson. Later this week, the compromise budget will be presented to both chambers for a final vote. A simple majority in both chambers is all that’s needed to send the budget to the Governor’s desk. Sunday, the Senate approved a bill its author says will put more than $500 million more towards public education over the next two years. HB 21, by Friendswood Senator Larry Taylor, is a scaled-back version of a House bill to begin the process of reforming the way the state pays for education over the next two years. “This is a start towards what we would like to do in the interim and really come up with a new revamp of the whole system,” he said. “This wasn’t the best budgetary cycle to start that.” The bill includes more money for schools to teach students with dyslexia, a six-year phaseout of the small district penalty in the formula funding, and $150 million in funds to wean...

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Texas Game Warden Field Notes

The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports. Baiting the Baiters On opening day of the spring Eastern turkey hunting season, Red River County game wardens were revisiting areas they had discovered during recent patrols that had been baited with corn. They observed four separate hunters actively hunting Eastern turkey over bait in violation of state game laws. One hunter shot a turkey over the bait, but was unsuccessful in finding it. Other hunting license violations were also encountered during these contacts. Multiple cases are pending. Net Loss Responding to a tip from an Operation Game Thief call, a Tarrant County game warden caught four men fishing with a cast net and keeping game fish in violation of state fishing laws. The men were in possession of 130 crappie, 64 yellow bass, 8 black bass, and 37 perch. About 50 of the crappie and bass were undersized. None of the men had fishing licenses. The fish were cleaned and donated. Multiple cases filed. Caught with the Loot Game wardens patrolling the tornado disaster area in Van Zandt County to minimize looting problems and enforce a mandatory curfew stopped a suspicious vehicle filled with several miscellaneous items that appeared to be potentially stolen from homes in the area. Upon questioning the subject and searching the vehicle, it was discovered he was in possession...

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Fairfield Police Report

by Chief of Police Kenny Bulger   Monday, May 8th 8:13 AM-Officer Alexander to PD to meet a complainant. 4:33 PM-Officer Alexander on reported disturbance. 5:43 PM-Officer Lawrence on alarm going off. 6:58 PM-Officer Lawrence on report of disturbance at RV park. 9:15 PM-Officer Lawrence assist deputy on stop. 9:26 PM-Officer Lawrence on reported disturbance, all of was just verbal. 9:42 PM-Officer Lawrence on report of suspicious person. Tuesday, May 9th 3:51 AM-Officer Lawrence on alarm going off. 5:45 AM-Officer Alexander on alarm going off. 4:49 PM-Officer Alexander on report of unwanted subject refusing to leave residence. 8:46 PM-Officer...

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Wortham Police Report: Recent Drug Arrests

by Chief of Police Kelly Butler –On May 4th 2017, Officer Jimmerson conducted a traffic stop in Wortham. The driver had a warrant for his arrest from Limestone County. Officer Jimmerson also smelled Marijuana coming from the car. A search of the person turned up a small amount of Marijuana and a search of the vehicle turned up even more Marijuana. The subject was arrested and taken to the Freestone County jail. –On April 28th 2017, officer Doty conducted a traffic stop in Wortham. This person had a warrant for his arrest from Texarkana. The driver admitted to smoking...

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Freestone County Civil Cases & Marriage Licenses for April

Civil Cases   There are 7 ‘In the Interest of’ & ‘In the Matter of’ cases for the Month of April 2017. Other civil cases are as follows: –Tonya Michelle Campbell vs. Shannon Doyle Campbell –The County of Freestone Texas vs. Luis C Garcia, et al –The County of Freestone Texas vs. Young Washington, et al –The County of Freestone Texas vs. Cynthia Haroin, et al –Stacey Jo Pierson vs. Sean Michael Pierson –ORR Consolidated Interests, LTD vs. John Henry Manning, et al –Tracie Warren vs. Michael Warren –The County of Freestone Texas vs. Lavon Hershel Duncan, et al –Cynthia Ramirez vs. Sergio Ramirez –Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC vs. Zachary Borter –Lelia Ann White vs. Charles E White –Kimberly Neal vs. Jason Neal –Kori Ellis vs. Scott Ellis –Kasey Lynn Kennedy vs. Monte Joel Kennedy –Camelia Anne Bishop vs. John Joseph Spaight –Incommons Bank, N.A. vs. Belinda Low Griffin & Earnest Griffin –Gail Lynne Fowler vs. Randall Dale Fowler –Propel Financial Services, LLC as agent & attorney in fact for Propel Funding National, LLC vs. Gilbert Gatlin, aka Gilbert W Gatlin, et al –Julia Coleen Botello vs. William Thomas Botello –Tonya Michelle Pickens vs. Bobby Clinton Pickens –The County of Freestone Texas vs. Thompson-MacConnell Cadillac, Inc. –The County of Freestone Texas vs. Perfect Place Properties –Miranda Shea Collins vs. Albert Thomas Collins –The County of Freestone Texas vs. Lozell...

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