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Parent Company for Luminant and TXU Energy, Emerges from Chapter 11

  Restructuring Eliminates More Than $33 Billion in Debt TCEH Corp. today announced that it and certain of its subsidiaries, including operating businesses Luminant and TXU Energy, have emerged from Chapter 11 as a standalone company effected through a tax-free spinoff from Energy Future Holdings Corp. The emergence follows satisfaction of all necessary conditions, including regulatory approvals required by EFH’s Third Amended Plan of Reorganization, which was approved by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware on August 29, 2016. EFH and Energy Future Intermediate Holding Company LLC, which own an indirect 80 percent equity interest in Oncor, remain in Chapter 11 and are proceeding toward confirmation and emergence on a separate, standalone schedule. Concurrent with emergence, TCEH Corp. has issued 427.5 million shares of its common stock, as well as other proceeds, to the pre-emergence first-lien creditors of Texas Competitive Electric Holdings Company LLC (“Former TCEH”). Beginning today, this common stock is publicly traded on the OTCQX market under the ticker symbol THHH. New, Experienced Leadership TCEH Corp. has also appointed a new board of directors consisting of Gavin Baiera, Jennifer Box, Jeff Hunter, Michael Liebelson, Cyrus Madon, Curt Morgan and Geoffrey Strong. Curt Morgan will assume responsibilities as chief executive officer of TCEH Corp., effective immediately. During his 35-year career, Mr. Morgan has held leadership responsibilities in nearly every major U.S. power market. Most recently,...

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Peanut harvests expected to be average

  Texas Weather & Crop Report    Peanut harvesting is underway, and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts expect average yields and low prices for producers. Dr. Calvin Trostle, AgriLife Extension agronomist, Lubbock, said digging on early planted peanuts and mature varieties have specialists and producers expecting an average year for the crop. Irrigated peanuts looked good after pivots struggled to keep up with water demands during June and July, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service specialist. Producers are harvesting early season peanuts now with runner and Virginia peanuts soon to follow. (Photograph provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture) Trostle said peanut producers in Terry, Yoakum and Gaines counties, where more than 80 percent of West Texas’ peanut acres are normally planted, were concerned about their fields in mid-summer. Conditions were hot and dry from June through July, and irrigation was having trouble keeping up with plants’ daily water requirements. On a windy 93-degree day with low humidity, peanuts could easily use 0.4 of an inch of water each day, which pushes weekly water requirements to around 3 inches, Trostle said. “Peanuts have a higher water requirement than most crops in the area,” he said. “There was some significant concern among producers until the rains arrived in August and September.” Trostle heard of no insect issues in peanut fields this year. But diseases, such as pod...

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In the Treehouse: It’s a Dirty Job

They say motherhood is the gift that keeps on giving, and it truly is. The hugs just because, the kisses whenever I need them the most, the silly stories, the times filled with laughter; they will all for sure reside in my memory forever. My sweet little angels that I brought into this world, will bring me love and happiness and offer me the gift that keeps on giving forever, and that is the gift of love. However, there are those times, that will also be locked into my memory of motherhood that will never be forgotten; and it’s those moments of disgust, wipes, poop, and many other bodily fluids. (Warning. This column is full-on mommy hood; so for those of you with a weak stomach, I would NOT continue reading.) Just the other day, I was fulfilling my duties as a PTO mom, and we were leaving the school to head home and do homework and our nightly routine; but I happened to run into a friend of mine in the parking lot, that happened to be parked next to my car. So I put my two little boys in the car to cool off in the AC and watch a movie. So and I began to chat and catch up, then all of the sudden my youngest got out of the car and was kind of playing...

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More women taking on agricultural land ownership

  Mentorship between generations, over fences important   FREDERICKSBURG – “Learn, support, educate” may not have been the theme but was the outcome of the second annual conference for women interested in conservation and stewardship of land in the Edwards Plateau, according to participants and presenters alike. The Women in Wildlife Conservation conference recently held in Fredericksburg and attended by more than 70 women was an effort to help those who are inheriting land, purchasing land or who have become owners of land for various reasons, said Dr. Larry Redmon, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service program leader in College Station. “We think this is an underserved audience,” Redmon said. “We think by getting these ladies together and discussing things with them about land stewardship, especially here in the Edwards Plateau, we can impact not only those who currently own the property, but those who will come after them, their daughters and the granddaughters.” Megan Clayton, AgriLife Extension range specialist in Corpus Christi, spoke about “Stewardship in the Edwards Plateau – The Next Generation.” Women representing land holdings of all sizes attended the second annual conference on stewardship in Fredericksburg. (Texas A&M AgriLife photo by Kay Ledbetter) Clayton said the “next generation” is diverse, because it might be mothers similar to her own who in their 60s are just becoming the landowner. Or, it might be the daughters who...

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Fields of Faith Hosted by Fairfield FCA on October 12

  The Fairfield Chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes will be hosting the annual Fields of Faith event on October 12 at 7:00 p.m. The event will be located at the Fairfield High School Auditorium. It is available to anyone who looks to grow in their relationship with Christ, with no tickets necessary. A love offering will be taken up sometime during the event. All funds will go toward senior scholarships to FCA members and we appreciate any donation made. The event will feature speakers, a live band, prayer, testimonoes and much...

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