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In the Treehouse: Strengths you Didn’t Know you Had

by Samantha S. Daviss   Being a mother is recognizing strengths you didn’t know you had; and conquering fears you didn’t know you could. Let’s be real, everyone always talks about the joys of motherhood…how wonderful our kids are, how proud of them we are, how beautiful they are, how they made the Honor Roll at school. But what gets swept under the rug is all the times they break us, or test our limits, or assess our strengths. Strength during motherhood comes in all forms, starting from the very moment they enter this world. The strength and pain we endure to create them and give them life is unimaginable, yet women do it every single day; day after day; and some of us even choose to do it multiple times. Because the love we have for our children blinds the pain we go through on the day we bring them into this world, and every day after that. We cry ourselves to sleep from pure exhaustion when they are babies that won’t sleep through the night; or we run to our closets or our warm bathtubs to weep into our knees, to somehow find the strength to go on another day loving them, feeding them, and nurturing them when they have told us we are dumb and don’t know what we are talking about. But when the day...

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Home Country

by Slim Randles   When Florencio Ortiz sent off for that new slicker, everyone in town and out at the ranch knew about it. He described in detail how waterproof it was and how a cowboy just couldn’t possibly get wet with this slicker on. Then it came, and Florencio tied it behind the cantle of his saddle each day. And  Florencio looked to the sky for any sign of a cloud, and then patted that slicker affectionately. “If it rains today,” he’d say, “I’m ready. Did you know this slicker keeps the saddle dry, too?” Finally, during the gather, Florencio and the other hands were horseback about 10 miles from the truck, driving cows back to the home pasture. And the clouds came, thick and black and fast, and the rain poured. With a joyous whoop, Florencio donned the new slicker and climbed back aboard his horse. But his buddies just sat their horses and watched. Their slickers were back in the truck. They were amazed when Florencio dismounted, took off the slicker, tied it behind the saddle, and mounted again in the rain. “Why?” they asked him. “When my friends get wet,” he said, “I get wet!”   —– Brought to you by Slim’s new book “A Fly Fisherman’s Bucket List,” from...

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Woods, Waters, & Wildlife: Somewhere Between Altair & Nada. 6:30 a.m.

by John Jefferson The majority of readers may wonder where in heck or Texas Altair and Nada are. They also probably haven’t hunted geese on the Lissie-Egypt Prairie west of Houston, south of Columbus. “Nada” in Spanish means “nothing.” To first time visitors on a dark, chilly, misty morning, it could mean the middle of nowhere. To goose and duck hunters, however, it’s practically the promise land. It’s at the end of the line of the Central Flyway for waterfowl coming to Texas from the north. We saw this year’s first ones last Thursday. It’s usually excellent hunting ground....

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Reflections from Red Oak Ranch – Sept. 27th

by Jan Fielden I suppose I should warn the men who might read this…this week’s article is more for the women than the men.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you when you get some questions, men. My husband, The Colonel, has a special chair that sits at the kitchen table.  He loves this chair and has probably had it over 30 years. We had it recovered a while back and it looks great. Anyway, this chair started swaying whenever he would move it out to sit down.  All he would do to fix it was hit on the legs and tell me he was going to fix the chair “tomorrow”. Well, ladies, as you can imagine, tomorrow never came.  I told him I was worried that one day he would sit down in the chair and it would either collapse right then or while he was eating. So “tomorrow” did finally arrived in all its splendor!  Now my husband, The Colonel has a shop with a huge workbench built in it, he has a garage with a workbench sitting in it and where does he decide to work on the chair?…why the kitchen floor of course!!  He had tools everywhere. Then he took the drill and there was sawdust on the paper he had put under the chair but also on the kitchen floor.  I said nothing because even...

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‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ – Movie Review

By Bob Garver When we last left Eggsy (Taron Egerton), he had completed his transformation into a Kingsman; going from aimless slacker to dashing British secret agent. He had saved the world, avenged his murdered mentor Harry (Colin Firth), and even gotten a girl, granted not his likeable fellow agent Roxy (Sophie Cookson) but the Swedish princess Tilde (Hanna Alström). He’s still dating Tilde in “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” which is funny in and of itself considering the controversial hookup from the first film did not seem like it would lend itself to long-term happiness. This franchise is all...

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