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‘Happy Days’ Thanksgiving w/ Marion Ross

By Nick Thomas As the TV matriarch of the Cunningham clan in the sitcom “Happy Days,” Marion Ross appeared in over 250 episodes during the hit series 11-season run from 1974 to 1984. But one episode has special significance for the actress this time of year. In ‘The First Thanksgiving,’ broadcast two days before the November holiday in 1978, Ross’s character (also named Marion) leads the cast in a departure from the show’s usual Milwaukee-based setting. She narrates a flashback story set in the Plymouth Colony, with the cast doubling as historical characters, to remind her family that sharing...

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Justice League – Movie Review

By Bob Garver What can I say about “Justice League” other than that the DC Universe is way too late to the party on this? The film is of course trying to capture the magic of “The Avengers,” the unprecedented superhero team-up movie from the Marvel Comics Universe in 2012. DC has wanted to hone in on the “expanded universe” market ever since. The DC people didn’t want to look like they were copying Marvel exactly, so they beat them to the punch on the “superheroes falling out” movie (“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”) and came out with...

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Woods, Waters, & Wildlife – A Federal Case

by John Jefferson They travel over 2,500 air miles to Texas, so we can see them. The least we can do is drive to Rockport to do it. I’m talking about the largest “snowbird” that comes to Texas for the winter. Whooping cranes are one of the largest birds in North America, slightly smaller than the California condor — but much prettier. And they’re arriving daily. They’re also the poster-bird for conservation. Down to only ­­21 birds in 1941, they were placed on the Endangered Species List in 1967. They’ve since enjoyed life and a major recovery, now numbering...

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Reflections from Red Oak Ranch – Nov 15th

by Jan Fielden It seems that we are always raising little calves for one reason or another!  The latest one is named “Thunder”.  He was born on November 3 and his Momma had mastitis.  We milked the Momma and added some powder milk to it so that he would get some of the “first milk” and the immunity it provides. He has something wrong with his front legs that a lot of calves are born with but grow out of.  His knees look all puffed up but our vet said that should go away within 6 weeks or so. Little Thunder is a beautifully marked Simmental from Stoneshire, one of our Herd Bulls.  He already knows his name!  When we call it, he looks up and if he is lying down he usually stands up! He nurses some but likes taking a bottle too.  We have decided to continue giving him a bottle until he is nursing more often before we turn him and his Momma out to pasture.  Hopefully by that time his knees will be better. Some of his “cousins” have started coming by to visit with him.  They will lie around the outside of the corral pen where Thunder is and look in at him, eventually lying down and taking a nap when he does.  Thunder has learned, just today, to come to the corral gate...

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Home Country

by Slim Randles   Steve will have Thanksgiving dinner over at Doc’s and Mrs. Doc’s this year, and any number of his friends are grateful for that. Steve is one heckuva cowboy and trainer of young colts, and a good friend to all, but he’d never make it as a dinner host. Very few Thanksgiving dinners achieve legendary status, but “Steve’s Thanksgiving” was certainly one of them. Some said it happened because he’s lived alone and cooked meals for himself for so many years. Some say he has worked alone for so long that he isn’t of a coordinating mind. The answer could be buried in the middle there somewhere. Steve himself isn’t certain. It all happened early in Fall a couple of years ago when Steve completed his cabin up in the mountains here. He’d even finished the turret. In about September of that year, he’d started cleaning the place up on his infrequent visits, because he just knew somewhere inside that he’d created a modest monument there and wanted to share it with his friends. Naturally. So, back at the ranch bunkhouse down in the valley, he’d studied up on how to roast a turkey: what to put on it, how to thaw it, how to tell when it’s done, all that stuff. Then he invited his friends for Thanksgiving dinner, up at the cabin. He told...

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