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by Slim Randles These days we don’t think much about axes. They’re kinda old fashioned and they are too closely associated with manual labor for them to be very popular. It’s a shame, too, because there is lore to an ax. There are proper and improper ways to sharpen one, for instance. There are proper and improper ways to fell a tree with one, to limb a fallen tree, to split firewood. Replacing the handle on an ax could make the subject of a very interesting small book, even. Marvin always puts a coating of fiberglass around the handle just below the head to keep firewood from chewing up the handle, for instance. Dud has been known to soak an ax handle in a large tube of kerosene before using it to give it longer life. In fact, Dud has made ax work into something of an art form. If you need your ax sharpened, Dud’s the guy to see. He has an old-fashioned grindstone with a water drip. He’ll tell you it’s important not to get the steel too hot and therefore take the temper out of it. And when he finishes sharpening your ax, you can shave with it. If you really want to. But if they gave doctor’s degrees in ax use, ol’ Jasper Blankenship, up in the mountains, would get the first one around here....

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It Seems to Me: Scooping Fire Into Your Lap

by Pastor Steve Ellison   I am currently reading through Proverbs 3 times in 3 consecutive months with a group.  Today’s topic must concern God a great deal because He speaks of it often.  I considered passing over the question found in Proverbs 6:27-28 because a very similar question was the focus a couple of articles ago.  Upon further consideration, I figured that God must have good reason for the repetition.   Taking special notice when God repeats Himself is always a good technique to use when studying the Scripture.  He is certainly not simply filling space. Proverbs 6:20-21 is a plea to take the commands of God, given through parents, seriously and to commit to living our daily lives according to these commands.  We are told to obey said commands and not forsake them.  We are told to make an effort to remember and revere these commands.  The next two verses, 22-23, give a short testimony to the general benefits of following God’s principles.  We are told that obedience to these principles will protect us as we walk and while we sleep.  It is also pointed out that following God’s commands will light our way and lead us to life. Verses 24-26 bring the focus down to a specific problem that evidently God finds particularly troubling: sexual immorality, specifically with another man’s wife.  One question is asked in two...

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Movie Review: The Boss Baby

By Bob Garver Good news, everyone: “The Boss Baby” isn’t as bad as the advertising makes it seem. Frankly it would be hard to be that bad. I was expecting 97 minutes of painful, lowbrow baby jokes mixed with tired corporate stereotypes left over from the 80’s. Some people thought the movie might be redeemed with political satire, since Alec Baldwin voices the Boss Baby and he has recently taken to playing America’s most iconic boss, but this movie was completed long before any Trump jokes could be worked in. No, the movie has to rely on other ideas to redeem itself, and a few of them actually succeed. A few. Seven-year-old Tim Templeton (Miles Bakshi) lives an idyllic life with his parents (Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel), but his world gets turned upside down with the arrival of his little brother, the otherwise-unnamed Boss Baby. Immediately something seems off about the newborn. Some of it is just baby stuff that Tim has to learn to accept, but some of it is strange even by baby standards. He arrives unaccompanied in a taxi, he keeps the family awake all night, he wears a suit (fortunately the necktie is just a fabrication, more on that later), he takes the parents’ attention away from Tim, and he’s a spy from a corporation that supplies all the babies in the world. There’s...

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Hope to Health

REACH your GOALS Today!   by Tiffany Anderson   How many times have you said that you need to lose weight or that you need to eat better? The problem we have is that every day we put it off until tomorrow. The key is to start little by little because so many people get terrified to get into something full forced. To get started you have to at least have a made up mind.   You have to feel like it is really time. Get you a motivation. What motivates you to want to lose weight?   Is it the fact that you want to look good for the summer? Have energy for the kids? Now choose to cut something out. If it is sodas, sweets, or candy. Be sure to start somewhere. As you cut out that bad habit, add a good one. If you choose soda, add water in replacement. If you chose cakes, add fruit as replacement. Finally, know that balance is important. On a diet it is not about eating the exact same thing every day but it is important to switch up so that you get a great plethora of nutrients. Some days eat turkey instead of chicken or fish instead of turkey. Eat beans instead of meat and spinach instead of lettuce or kale instead of spinach. You can switch up with your juices...

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Reflections from Red Oak Ranch

by Jan Fielden I don’t really know what I was intending to write for this week because when I sat down to type, a spider crawled across my desk and I lost him! Then I lost my train of thought! There is nothing worse than seeing spiders as “not my friends” except seeing them and losing them! I picked up the pad of paper I thought it probably crawled in but alas! No spider! Having admitted before that I really don’t like spiders, I am admitting now that tonight when I go to bed I will feel this spider crawling on me! That’s just the way it is. When I call The Colonel in to kill a spider, if it gets away from him, no matter the reason, I know the spider is going to visit me when I try to sleep. Coming in the Sun Porch door this evening, I spotted in the corner a spider in a web. I got the one I saw but there were actually two spiders in that web sack and I missed the second one! It is time to spray again!! No matter how hard we try to get rid of them, it seems that there are always some spiders hanging around. I know that is part of country living but give me a break! We are friends to almost everything that...

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