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Reflections from Red Oak Ranch – May 3rd

by Jan Fielden We were cleaning the yard, raking, cutting, etc., and suddenly I heard The Colonel say there is a snake…so cool, calm, and collected.  My eyes darted here and there as I searched for where it was.  We were, at the time, cleaning under a bush…not my favorite place because I always think I am going to find a snake.  This has now made my fear come true!  I don’t scream and I’m not the type to panic but I just want to know where the danger is. Suddenly, I saw The Colonel turn and start stomping his foot and I knew where the snake was.  It was a small one but in my mind I asked where is the Momma; this must be her baby!  The snake was in a shallow place where the Beagles normally lay and it was hard for him to get a “good stomp” in on it.  It kept squirming, wiggling, and trying to get away.  After a few minutes the snake was still even though I kept my eyes on it to make sure it wasn’t playing possum.  Finally, I was satisfied that it was dead, dead, dead. We loaded the trailer with everything we had cleaned out of the yard and were taking it to the burn pile.  While loading I thought to myself, Momma snake may have just crawled...

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Calendar Quips

by Bob Snyder It’s another week filled with interesting celebrations. May 6 – 12 is National Nurses Week. A time to salute all those wonderful nurses. Yes, even the nurses who store the bedpans in the deep freeze. MAY 7: Tourism Day. Tourism is very important all around the world. There are countries where tourists are a major food source for the local wildlife. MAY 8: No Socks Day. You can celebrate by not wearing socks on your feet. Or anywhere else. MAY 9: Europe Day. People in Europe do a lot of mingling. If a man has a French father, an Italian mother, he lives for many years in Germany and he dies in Spain – what does that make him? Dead. MAY 10: Clean Up Your Room Day. A time when kids are told to clean up the mess they created. It’s an easy task for today’s kids. They just download a “Clean Up Your Room” app onto their iPhone. MAY 11: Eat What You Want Day. Forget your diet, indulge for one day. What really hurts is being on a diet – and not remembering until May 12th that May 11th was Eat What You Want Day. MAY 12: Odometer Day. The history books tell us on this date in 1847 a man in Utah named William Clayton attached a primitive odometer to his horse buggy....

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Movie Review: How To Be A Latin Lover

by Bob Garver For the second week in a row, I’m surprised by which movie I’m reviewing. The social media thriller “The Circle” was supposed to be the biggest hit among new releases at the weekend box office. That film boasted big stars in Emma Watson and Tom Hanks and a release on over 3,000 screens. But not only did the film lose the weekend to “How to Be a Latin Lover” on just over 1,000 screens, it lost to the Indian epic “Baahubali 2” on less than 500. The former film did the best out of the three with an estimated $12 million, so it gets the review. The film stars Eugenio Derbez as Maximo, a man who could be considered a professional Latin Lover if he weren’t so determined to not be a “professional” anything. His father worked himself to death and his goal in life is to never have to work at all. Maximo enjoys the spoils of being the husband of a rich old bag until she decides she wants somebody younger. He’s expelled from his life of luxury and is forced to move in with his estranged sister Sara (Salma Hayek) and her son Hugo (Raphael Alejandro). Sara doesn’t share Maximo’s anti-work ethic and strives to prevent him from being a bad influence on Hugo. Hugo strives to get the attention of a classmate...

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In The Tree House: Sometimes Life Is Hard

by Samantha Daviss   Sometimes life just stinks. Sometimes life just slaps you in the face unexpectedly. But unfortunately, you must find your inner self, your inner peace, and your inner sanctum and keep moving forward. I was lucky enough to marry my very best friend in the entire world. He listens to me rant and rave about various things. I have a really, really bad habit of repeating my issues or my problems, as if that is going to make them go away. I just talk, and talk, and talk about them. I am the poster child for “beating a dead horse”. But he has always been my sounding board. About the 100th time, he kindly says, “Okay, now they aren’t going to change, or you can’t change that, so we need to just move on.” I smile, say it one more time out of frustration, and I move on. Because I know he’s right. So, I asked him the other day. When something bothers him, why doesn’t he talk much about it, or vent or scream, or yell, or whatever he needs to do to get it out? His response was simple…” Would you rather have someone like me that is fairly calm to talk to or to argue with, or someone who is irrational?” Although I completely agree with him, I responded with, if everyone were...

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Home Country

by Slim Randles   When Harley Jacobsen came into Doc’s office the other day for his physical it was a treat for Doc. Harley is one of Doc’s favorite people. Harley is a farmer. A 24/7 farmer.   Ol’ Harley can make hair grow on a bald head and wheat grow on rocks. When he’d been thumped and bumped and listened to and pumped up and partially drained, Harley asked Doc for the verdict. “Not bad at all for someone your age, Harley,” Doc said, grinning. “But you look tired.  Take some time off and go fishing or take Gladys to the beach.” “Can’t right now, Doc,” Harley said. “Planting.” “Well, how about later on?” “There’s plowing summer fallow, you know, then harvest, and the trees will have to be pruned before winter, and then the winter wheat will go in. Have to overhaul the wheel tractor this winter and by then it’ll be time to plant again.” “Harley, you need two weeks with nothing to do. Get someone to help with the farm and go do something fun.” “I just can’t do it in two weeks, Doc,” Harley said. “Took 60 years of farming to get this tired.” ———— Brought to you by Cedar Ridge Leather Works, fine custom leather for the shooting sports....

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