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Reflections from Red Oak Ranch

by Jan Fielden   Last week The Colonel was checking salt in the feeders for the different herds. He had already checked the Yearling Herd and they had plenty and so did the Middle Herd. He still has the Back Herd to check. There was only one problem…the Middle Herd. This is the herd that is so spoiled. They think everything revolves around them, that anything that is given out needs to also be given to them whether they need it or not. In other words, The Colonel was going to have a tough time getting through the gate to the Back Herd’s pasture. He had already tried everything he knew to get them to go on and mind their own business to no avail. They followed his truck everywhere he went. Usually he can fake them out by just going around the back of the house but this time, uh-uh! So, as I looked out the window I saw a parade! A parade of cows following a big black truck! He was going slower than a marching team in the truck and the cows were totally lined up, I mean totally…following along behind him. They were all in a straight line too. Not a one of them got out of line, not the cows and not the truck. But then he came to the tricky part of the...

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Woods, Waters, & Wildlife: Deer Deluge

by John Jefferson Predicting hunter success in a forthcoming deer season is risky, but most of this forecast comes from wildlife biologists at Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). They study deer professionally. Alan Cain is TPWD’s white-tail deer program leader. He says, in short, that from data and personal observations and those of other field biologists working for him, Texas hunters can expect an average year for deer quality, and an average to above-average year for the number of deer harvested. Before antler quality is even mentioned, let it be said that TPWD is encouraging all hunters to help make that last bit of the prediction a reality. The past two fawn crops have been large ones, with high survival rates. Texas currently has over four million deer, statewide – the highest estimate in 12 years! Some areas are already over-populated, and other areas will join them by next summer. Hunters should harvest as many as the law and their hunting licenses allow this season to make room for 2018’s fawns. Weather forecaster say Texas will probably have a warmer, drier winter than usual. That sounds like favorable breeding conditions — as if Texas deer need fair weather to flirt. More than adequate rainfall has the habitat in excellent condition, so above-average breeding of healthy does could mean a bumper crop of baby deer next summer. The Edwards...

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Reflections from Red Oak Ranch – Oct. 25

by Jan Fielden I got the honor of preparing the doghouses for the colder weather that will be coming shortly.  This is a major undertaking and one that I have only been allowed to do for the second time! Tasha has an Igloo type and MO has the “Big House” with a hall and a bend that keeps the wind out of the actual sleeping place.  Tasha’s room has a roof that comes off and MO’s has a roof that one half of it raises up so you can add hay and clean it out. Most of the time they sleep in the “Big House” but every now and then they get in an argument as brother and sister are prone to do and she goes to her own residence. So, the first step in this position of dog house cleaner is to be able to keep the dogs out of the houses, not let them get out of the gate, and also to keep the cows from following you through the yard gate because they want the hay you just put in the back of your truck for the completion of this task. I must say, going in and out of the gates is the most difficult.  I was in the front yard, the houses are close to the gate in the back yard and there is a gate...

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Hope to Health: Leave the “DIE”t Fads Alone

by Tiffany Anderson Every time you look up, there is a new diet fad.  The diet fads are crazy, outrageous, and usually scratch one another out. So, the question is, which one is for us?   Which diet is for us? The answer is none. The answer to you feeling good and losing weight lies within you.  What may work for one will not work for another and that is why people get frustrated when they see one working for a friend, try it, and it does not work for everyone else. You have to figure out what works best for you.  You have to get in touch with your body and know what makes you feel good versus what makes you feel bad and if something makes you feel good. You have to watch your bowels and pay attention to what helps you eliminate better and what stops you up. Then, you find a healthy balance and do what is best for you. No matter what the diet is, it is not going to always work because it is not catered to you. Now, they will work for a moment because anytime we switch up stuff, it shifts our body and anytime we deprive our bodies, it will remove some pounds, but if you are looking for a long lasting result, you have to put your own regimen together...

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Movie Review: Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween

by Bob Garver   Tyler Perry has been writing, directing, producing, and starring in movies about his Madea character for over ten years now. So how is it that this movie is so incompetently made? If this were a first-time filmmaker, I could maybe chalk the film’s painfulness up to inexperience or a lack of resources. But as this is Perry’s 17th directorial effort, and these movies do well enough that he can easily arrange financing, I don’t feel unreasonable in saying that “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween” is simply the work of a hack. As with the first...

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