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by Slim Randles Marvin Pincus is not the kind of guy to let spring slip through his fingers. Oh, when he was a young man, sure. But now, with the coming of spring to the world and autumn to his life, he’ll take every chance that comes along to grab life by both hands and spur it into a run. That’s why Marvin was down on Miller’s Pond with his latest fly rod. It wasn’t really to catch fish, at least that’s what he kept telling himself. No, Marvin was there for the sake of science. You might call him an ichthyologist, however. If he were just going fishing, you’d have to call him a fisherman.  Hey, fishermen are everywhere. You can find a few lurking in any sporting goods store. But an ichthyologist?  Why, that’s someone of a scientific mind who studies fish. Now Marvin’s been kicking around some ideas on how to proceed with ichthyologizing through the cold days of late winter and the delicious early days of spring. All the time he was tying flies, he was thinking about it. He thought about it while tying the salmon streamers in January. He pondered deeply during the dreaming up of dry flies in February. He thought he’d had it worked out in early March while tying miniscule emergers, but he was wrong. So he developed The Plan....

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Calendar Quips for May

by Bob Snyder More interesting calendar notes, and first a reminder May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. Many bikers believe if you buy a new motorcycle and you do not rev the engine loud when you’re at a stoplight – the bank will repossess it. May 14: Mother’s Day. Mothers try to give their kids encouragement. Be very cautious if your Mom said you could be anything you want to be. Some lawyers call that identity theft. May 15: Nylon Stockings Day. On this date in 1940 nylon stockings first went on sale in the U.S. It took a while for women around the world to adapt to nylon stockings. Especially in those countries where varicose veins were considered attractive. May 16: Sea Monkey Day and National Piercing Day. Celebrate by piercing your sea monkey’s ears. May 17: World Baking Day. If there’s someone you love you can “Say It With Flowers”. On World Baking Day – “Say It With Flour”. May 18: International Museum Day. You know you’re old when you visit a museum and see stuff you grew up with. May 19: Pizza Party Day. Aaah, pizza! When it’s good it’s great. And when it’s bad – it’s still darn tasty!  May 20: Weights and Measures Day. A great day to get into an argument with someone about how many cubic fluid furlongs are in a nautical metric...

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It Seems to Me: A Faithful Man

by Pastor Steve Ellison I am very much enjoying my reading of Proverbs along with a group of God’s people. God’s Word is interesting, thought provoking, and profitable.  Proverbs 20:5-7 asks a very interesting question, “The purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out. Many a man claims to have unfailing love, but a faithful man who can find? The righteous man leads a blameless life; blessed are his children after him.”  (NIV) All of us have purposes and motivations hidden deep within us, or at least we think and hope that they are hidden deep within us.  It seems to me that those purposes and motivations are not deep in the sense that they are profound, complex, or difficult to understand.  Rather, they are simply buried beneath an exterior we have constructed to conceal the depravity of our own hearts.  We made that exterior to hide our real self from the rest of the world and to some extent ourselves.  Verse 5 indicates that a man of understanding can certainly see through that false front.   A little observation and discernment usually sees right through our attempts to hide our real motivations. Verse 6 is certainly revealing and painful to the vast majority of us.  Many (or most as some translations have it) of us, claim to have unfailing love for...

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Home to Health: the IMPORTANCE of a TEAM!

by Tiffany Anderson We live in an independent world where many people do not feel the need for others.  Being in a relationship is no longer crucial and raising a child as a single parent is too common nowadays. We need a great team to be at our best. It is certainly possible to achieve things on our own but we can be more efficient and held more accountable when we have support.  Why do you think a sports  team has cheerleaders?  Surely they can win the game without them.  It is easier to come out of the worst deficit with a good cheer and some motivation. When it comes to our health, we need the same support.  It is always better to surround yourself with people who support your lifestyle and who will cheer you on during a lifestyle change.  Is it not more difficult when you are eating healthy and you go out to eat with a friend who in turn eats everything unhealthy on the menu? Of course!  That temptation becomes strong and it is worst when they offer you some. That is why it is important to be with friends who will sacrifice what they do to support you.  Even though they can eat bad, they won’t because they want to see you When it comes to doing a regimen or working out, it is...

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April Positive on Rainfall with Below Normal Temperatures

by Barney Leach April rainfall was 1.76 inches above normal at 5.06 inches. We had seven days with measurable rainfall with a greatest on-day total of 2.10 inches on April 2. Normal rainfall for April is 3.30 inches. Our total for the year stands at 18.31 inches. Normal through April is 14.61 inches. April temperatures were somewhat like February and March temperatures with highs only in the seventies for a good part of the month. We only exceeded the 86 degree highs for February and March twice with a high of 87 degrees on April 20 and 92 degrees on April 28. Low temperature for the month was 42 degrees on April 6.   2017 RAINFALL BY MONTH Month              Rainfall (inches)              Normal                  Departure January            5.75                                    3.62                        +2.13 February          3.25                                   3.36                         -0.11 March              4.25                                    4.33                         -0.08 April                 5.06                                    3.30                         +1.76 Totals               18.31                                  14.61                        +3.70   LOOKING AHEAD TO MAY: May is normally our second wettest month of the year with a normal rainfall of 4.59 inches; and is also normally our stormiest month of the year. We will see warmer temperatures with several days in the nineties. However, the National Weather Service forecast for May 1, 2017 is a low of 46 degrees and a high of only 74. May will start out feeling like we have backed up into late February. The above rainfall...

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