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Woods, Water and Wildlife: Hold Your Ears!

by John Jefferson   Cover your ears: this will be a shotgun blast of several unrelated items coming at you quickly! To begin with, Labor Day Weekend is the last major boating holiday of summer. That means increased risk of accidents. Most boaters are responsible, but the word “most” falls far short of “all.” Beware the fools that foul up a weekend of fun through reckless behavior. Just allow them enough water to keep you safe. That means get out of their way for your own survival. Odds are that with as many law enforcement agencies patrolling our waterways...

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Reflections from Red Oak Ranch

by Jan Fielden The Back Herd is a different type of herd from the Middle and Yearling Herds. The Middle Herd especially is spoiled rotten. First Knight, who is now deceased, was the Herd Bull while he was alive. He use to have “stare downs” with The Colonel whenever it came to a question of whether The Colonel would walk down to the barn to give First Knight cubes. First Knight always, but always won that stare down. Now his son, Thorp, is the Herd Bull and while he is not quite as aggressive about “asking” for cubes, he never misses a time to stick his head in the barn door and wait for someone to notice him and give him cubes. Thorp knows enough that if the front barn door isn’t open, but The Colonel is down in that area, to go check the back barn door. If that doesn’t do the trick he goes to the shop, as along as the door is open, hunting for The Colonel and cubes! Stoneshire, Thorp’s brother, is also in this herd and his specialty is eating cubes from your hands. He doesn’t like to pick them up off the ground. He usually gets hand fed if The Colonel is there. The Back Herd is just wild! They want to fight each other or the hay all the time. Patriot is...

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Pet Talk: September is National Disaster Preparedness Month

by the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences   When a disaster strikes, there is often little time to prepare our homes, families, and pets for the damage to come. Thankfully, disaster relief teams, such as the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences’ Veterinary Emergency Team (VET), can help in times of need. Angela Clendenin, public information officer for the VET, explained the multiple responsibilities of the team. “People are often unable to evacuate their pets to safety before a disaster hits, which may mean separation from owners and access to food and clean water,” Clendenin said. “The debris and pollutants in the environment as a result of a disaster can also lead to injuries. The VET serves to provide support for animal care until the local veterinary community is able to take over and care for their fellow residents and their pets.” Another responsibility of the VET is providing veterinary support and care to the search and rescue canines operating in the disaster area. “Veterinary care has been shown to extend the ability of search and rescue dogs to work in the field from three to four days, to six to eight days,” Clendenin said. As Texans recover from the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Harvey, the VET is deployed and helping furry friends that were impacted by the disaster. Luckily for...

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It Seems to Me: His Enjoyment

by Pastor Steve Ellison   First Timothy 4:7-8 tells us to discipline ourselves spiritually because that will benefit us in this life and in the life to come.  Spiritual disciplines are channels of grace through which God blesses His people.  If we will read, study, memorize, and meditate on the Bible we will get to know the Creator and Redeemer.  Furthermore, our lives will be transformed as we become conformed to the image of God.  Every human being is created in the image of God but that image was marred or corrupted in the Fall of Man recorded in Genesis 3.  Praying is another spiritual discipline which will glorify God and benefit us.   Private and corporate worship are spiritual disciplines that will bring blessing on us and others.   A spiritual blessing that is much ignored is that of drawing close to God that He might enjoy our fellowship.  He created us for that purpose.  Do you suppose that God created you so that you might help Him solve some problem that He had?  Do you think that God wanted you to add some purity and holiness to the world?  Do you suppose that God created you so that you could teach Him about love?  Do you think that perhaps God created you to explain some difficult situation to Him?  I think you know the answer to those questions....

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Home Country

by Slim Randles It’s not that our pal Herb isn’t sociable. He is. One of the nicest guys around, and he can be counted on to start a conversation at the drop of a hat. And he’ll even drop the hat. No, the reason Herb hasn’t been in for coffee much this week, we know, is the archery tournament coming up. He’s out there in the field shooting every day. He does go bowhunting each fall, but we know that it’s the mystery and magic of archery itself that is the big draw to him. He has explained it to us several times before. “This isn’t a mechanical … situation,” he said. “I have a scope-sighted deer rifle, of course, and that is a mechanical deal. It’s numbers and feet per second, and sighting in for 100 or 200 yards and bullet drop and all that stuff. And we go to the range to shoot the deer rifle this time of year just to make sure we didn’t bump the rifle and knock the scope out of alignment. But it’s numbers. You hold this much over the target at this many yards, and you’ll hit it. “But archery isn’t like that. Not the way I shoot. There are scope-sighted compound bows too, that will come really close to being a matter of numbers, but I like shooting traditional style:...

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