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Reflections from Red Oak Ranch – April 12th

by Jan Fielden Baby calves are always afraid of gates, always!  I don’t know what spooks them about the gates but it is as if they think something is going to get them.  When The Colonel moved the Yearling Herd out of the Horse Pasture in to the Yearling Pasture, I texted him…yeah, right, modern day cowboy! that there was a calf left on the line up by Sundance’s paddock.  He was on the tractor and came up to check it out.  The calf stayed still until the tractor turned towards the fence line.  Then the calf jumped up and started running/walking down the line.  The calf got all the way down to the gate and when it saw the gate, the calf turned around and ran.  So the race was on.  This pasture has a lot of high levees and The Colonel was getting bounced all around keeping up with the calf. I walked out into the pasture when the calf turned to come up towards the hay pen and he took off again with the tractor on his heels.  Down close to the gate again they went; and again the calf turned and ran.  I thought for a moment he was going to run in to the Red Oak Trace (the old Palestine road) but he didn’t.  That was a good thing because the tractor can’t go...

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Hope to Health: The Power for Green Tea

By Tiffany Anderson Many people are constantly looking for energy.   Probably because you barely get enough rest or because your day started early or just because you need a quick pick me up during the day to get through the rest of your day.  From this day forward, get you some green tea. This tea can be drank cold or hot, in the morning, or even throughout the day.   It originates from China or India and is known globally for its numerous benefits.  This tea is beneficial because it does not get as much processing as others.   It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as well as ayuverdic.   They use it mostly to control bleeding and heal wounds, aid in digestion, improve heart and mental health, and regulate body temperature.   The benefits do not stop there.   Green tea is beneficial for weight loss, liver disorder, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer, cancer prevention, lowers cholesterol, reduce risk of stroke, and reduces inflammatory skin diseases like psoriasis and dandruff.  It also helps with memory and brain function.   Green tea has also been known to reduce headaches, prevent MS, reduce plaque, fight viral infections, increase stamina, promote healthy sleep patterns, reduce acne, increase endurance, relieve joint pain, aid with depression, and even fights colds and flus. Green tea is available in many options including, tea, powder, and pills.  I prefer the tea. ...

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Pet Talk: Allergy Sufferers Can Have Pets, Too

by the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences Allergies are among the most chronic conditions worldwide, according to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology. Though many of us love companion animals, some pets, especially cats and dogs, can cause allergic reactions in people. Dr. Mark Stickney, clinical associate professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, explained why some people are allergic to cats and dogs. “People are typically allergic to the dander and saliva of dogs and cats,” Stickney said. “Cats groom themselves more than dogs, so more people are allergic to cats and have more severe symptoms than those allergic to dogs.” Though hypoallergenic pets have become more popular, Stickney said recent evidence has shown that there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog or cat. However, there are several breeds of dogs and cats that are purported to cause less severe allergic reactions. “A few examples of dogs that may cause less allergic reactions include labradoodles, bichon fries, poodles, and Portuguese water dogs,” Stickney said. “Some examples of cats include Devon rex, Siamese, and Sphynx.” If being around cats and dogs is a must, Stickney said there are some ways to alleviate pet allergies. Some options include bathing your pet weekly, getting a HEPA filter for your home, designating a “pet-free” room or area of...

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Personal Finance: What Does Retirement Look Like If You Haven’t Saved?

by Nathaniel Sillin   The picture of retirement that many of us have is a post-work period filled with travel and plenty of relaxation. It’s a time when you can finally take up a new hobby, sink into the pile of books and enjoy more time with family and friends. The reality is that many haven’t been able to save enough money to enjoy this idealized retirement. What might their retirement look like? You may be working for longer than you expected. Many people undergo a period of “phased retirement” and either reduce their hours or start a new part-time job after retiring from a full-time schedule. Even those who don’t have a financial need may find that they value the activity and connections work brings to their lives. Without savings, continuing to work might not be a choice, but you can still look for fulfilling opportunities. Continuing within the same profession part-time or taking on related consulting work could be the most financially rewarding route, if it’s an option. Alternatives such as customer service positions with a retailer are popular among some retirees. There are also Internet-based jobs that allow you to work from home. Social Security could be your sole source of income. Retirees who don’t have a pension or savings and stop working may find that Social Security is their only income. Your Social Security benefit...

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In The Tree House

They Don’t Know What They Had, Until It’s Gone by Samantha S. Daviss   This phrase, “You don’t know what you have, until it’s gone” can be interpreted in so many ways. We as humans tend to take life for granted in the fact, they we may become complacent in life, or just satisfied with the knowledge that someone will always be there for them, no matter what. This can be interpreted for the loss of a loved one; the loss of a pet; the loss of a friend. Typically, anything. Sometimes we go through life, talking to our friends and family, and the next minute they are gone. More often than not we correlate this to death, or illness. However, it can also be connected to a marriage through infidelity, or abuse. You think that person who stood before God and your friends and family will stay with you no matter what. Even though they took vows, to promise they would stay with you forever; the human soul can only tolerate so much. After enough abuse, ignorance, and all other forms of dishonesty, that person will eventual walk away. So, you as the cruel one, can only push that weak beta creature so far, until they lash back and become the alpha to protect, care, and endure life. Death can react the same way. Once you see that...

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