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by Slim Randles “I took Duckworth to the dog show up in the city last weekend,” Dud said. The other members of the Mule Barn truck stop’s world dilemma think tank and philosophy counter just looked at him. Doc put it gently. “Dud, was this so he could get some inspiration on looking good?” Duckworth was a medium-sized dog that found Dud while Dud was walking and thinking about the novel he’s writing. No one answered the ad he put in the Valley Weekly Miracle, so he was named Duckworth, for some reason Dud seemed to want to keep to himself. To be honest, Duckworth looked like he fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. “No, I was going to enter him in the dog show,” Dud said. “Took him right up to the registration table and tried to get him in a class. The lady there looked at ol’ Duck and asked to see his papers.” Dud grinned. “I told her they were back home on the floor of the laundry room. She didn’t think it was funny.” Now Duckworth had been introduced to the other dogs in the group at the sale barn, as is the custom, and Dud’s pals had been hesitant to ask much about him. Duckworth looked like something put together by a committee with a sense...

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Hope to Health: Flaxseeds are Super Beneficial

by Tiffany Anderson Throughout the next few weeks as I go into the benefits of different herbs, you have to remember that everything is first an herb. When you think of flax seed, you do not associate it as being an herb because we use the seed more than the plant itself. Well, that seed comes from somewhere. Flax comes from the linseed plant and it is derived from Asia and Africa and is now growing wild in most parts of the world. The fibers of the stem were used to make linen for Egyptians, holy garments for Aaron in the bible, and it was used to make the curtain in the tabernacle. The seeds are full of sodium, potassium, chlorides, sulfates, calcium, and magnesium the seeds are used to create a concoction that will help with chest problems, UTI, coughs, asthma, and even cramps. The oil is used as a laxative and also relieves coughs and asthma. The oil is also super beneficial for pushing gallstones out of your system. We use the seeds in smoothies, cereals, and even salads. They are beneficial for being high in fiber, rich in omega-3s, and a good fat. It is good for an antioxidant as well as reduce risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. It also aids in maintaining blood sugar levels, healthy skin, and bones. It boosts the immune system,...

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Hope for Today: When We Love Our Stuff Too Much

by Clint Decker Have you ever heard The Parable of the Rich Fool? It is an ancient story Jesus once told. Crowds would often follow Him and people would ask questions. A young man once asked Jesus to get involved in a personal matter and make his brother divide the family inheritance with him. In response, Jesus made a profound statement, “Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions” (Luke 12:15). Jesus laid his finger on the real issue with the young man. He loved the “stuff” of life too much. Jesus illustrated his point with a story. He told about a wealthy farmer that had another tremendous harvest. As a result the farmer said to himself, “What am I going to do? What I have isn’t enough storage for my grain.” Then he decided, “I’ll tear down my existing barns and build larger ones, then I’ll be able to store all my grain and many other things. And after that, because the harvest was so great, I’ll have enough saved up for many years to relax, enjoy myself and have no worries.” But, in the midst of his reasoning, God spoke to him saying, “Fool! Tonight is your end and all that you’ve laid up in these barns, whose will they be?” The story...

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It Seems to Me… Trusting and Living

by Pastor Steve Ellison The first two chapters of Colossians are written so that we might see Jesus more clearly. The last two chapters of Colossians are written so that we might be able to examine ourselves to see if we have indeed seen the Savior as He is.  Chapters three and four test us to see if our character is a non-sinning character.  That does not mean we don’t sin but rather that when we do sin, we are out of character. Second, if we have seen Christ clearly, all divisions (prejudices) will be removed from our lives. Third, we will live lives of thanksgiving and praise to God. Fourth, we will have Christ centered relationships.  Fifth, we will have a missionary heart like God. This last characteristic of a person who has seen the Savior clearly is very important.  The Christian will obey more faithfully in heaven, worship more truthfully, sing more beautifully, serve more authentically, etc. and etc. One thing the Christian will not do better in heaven is to evangelize.  If we are to fulfill God’s command regarding soul-winning it will be here and now. Colossians 4:2-6 explains this missionary attitude, “Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving; 3 praying at the same time for us as well, that God will open up to us a door for the...

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Hope to Health: Benefits of Vitex & Dandelion Root

by Tiffany Anderson Vitex is a great herb that is used by many women and even some men. This is a super herb that is great for relieves PMS symptoms, reduces uterine fibroids, improves female fertility, clears up acne, treats endometriosis, remedies amenorrhea, may promote lactation, lowers menopause symptoms. This has helped many women who have suffered from symptoms rom menopause and infertility. This has also helped men who faced infertility. Dandelion root is a great detox herb that is seen as a weed to most people but the benefits are super powerful. It helps in a digestive aid, kidney, liver, diabetes, high cholesterol, gallbladder, inflammation, and the immune system. This herb added helps cleanse our bodies. These two herbs are body changing, mind changing, and lifesaving. Herbs can change your entire life, Go back to what God created. This article has been written in courtesy of In Thee Beginning, located at 122 S Keechi...

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