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Reflections from Red Oak Ranch – April 19

by Jan Fielden On Saturday we had another new calf born. The mother has had a few calves before so she knows what to do…except maybe for this time. After the calf was born she immediately took it to join the herd. Not all cows do that; some will stay with their calf for a few days before taking it to the herd. We saw all of this while sitting in our favorite spot-the front porch. As we were expecting company, we went in to do some last minute things. I walked in and made sure I had the bedrooms totally ready for company. I did and walked down the hall, and looked out the front window and was shocked at what I saw. The herd had moved completely out of the pasture! They were nowhere to be seen. Just that quick…gone!  Except for the new born calf. It was running around in the pasture lost. It was apparent the calf had no idea where his Momma was or any other cows for that matter. I mentioned it to The Colonel and he pulled on his boots and said we will have to bring the herd up. He walked outside; I got my boots on and ran outside to jump in the truck with him. It was then we saw our company had arrived. We explained what happened and told them we would...

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Hope to Health: Change LIFE(style) and Don’t Die(t)

by Tiffany Anderson What works for us is hard to answer because we are so different.  What helps me thrive may deplete you. A diet is a kind of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats or a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.   We have come from a time where we eat what locally grown and easily available to eating anything from everywhere. I hate the word diet because it starts with DIE.  When you start restrictions, you can die. A majority of people who DIET, will restrict so much that they just eat the same exact thing for a few weeks straight.  This is terrible for your body because we need a plethora of foods to give ourselves a plethora of vitamins and minerals. Restriction is not necessary when you can just find a list of foods that are beneficial for you.   Implement instead of restrict. LIFEstyle includes, what we eat, how we work out, how we handle jobs, and the stress in our lives. A diet is temporary.   You may lose 5lbs on a diet but once you go back to the life you lived, you may gain 15lbs. You need to look at what you eat and how you function.  If you are energized, healthy, stress-free, and joyful; drop the diet and...

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It Seems to Me: Victory

by Pastor Steve Ellison   The Apostle Paul’s letter to the church at Corinth written about 55 AD seems as if it were addressed to the 21st century Christian church worldwide.  Corinth was already an ancient city.  It had been first settled about 4,000 BC.  Corinth’s strategic location enabled it to control east-west trade routes by sea and north-south land routes.  First century Corinth was a cosmopolitan city in every way.  Anything a person wanted, good or bad, could be found in Corinth.  Corinth had such a tremendous reputation for gross immorality that the term “Corinthianized” came to symbolize terrible immorality.  The Romans destroyed the city in 146 BC and rebuilt it one hundred years later because of its strategic location.  Within a hundred years, by the time the Apostle Paul visited, it had already grown to 500,000 people.   He found a society much like our own.   Paul stayed in Corinth for about 18 months.  When he departed for a 3 year stay in Ephesus, he left behind an established church.  Some time later, the church sent a letter to Paul, asking some minor questions.  Paul made a quick trip to Corinth and found many things he did not like.  He returned to Ephesus and wrote the letter which we call First Corinthians.  Throughout the book, Paul addresses issue after issue that confronts us today as surely as...

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For Railroad Commission, Earth Day is Everyday

by Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton Earth Day is April 22nd this year, and I can’t wait to once again join tens of thousands of my fellow Texans at the largest Earth Day celebration in the world, in Dallas. You might find it odd that a Conservative Republican would be excited about one of the largest green events in the world, but I am a huge environmentalist. Most Republicans care deeply about our air, water and environmental quality, but many people don’t know that. As a father, husband, private property owner and elected official, I know the health of our environment tomorrow is only as strong as our actions today. It’s important to me that at Texas’ energy regulatory agency, the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC), we work as if every day is Earth Day. My view is that energy regulation should work in concert with environmental protection, not in conflict. For starters, you can’t drill a well or turnover a spade of dirt to produce energy without the permission of the RRC, through a strict and thorough permitting process. This means detailed plans on how an operator will prevent pollution, including how deep they can drill, and how much and where steel and cement are required in a well to ensure groundwater is kept safe. For the men and women of the RRC, this duty is personal. When we...

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Reflections from Red Oak Ranch – April 12th

by Jan Fielden Baby calves are always afraid of gates, always!  I don’t know what spooks them about the gates but it is as if they think something is going to get them.  When The Colonel moved the Yearling Herd out of the Horse Pasture in to the Yearling Pasture, I texted him…yeah, right, modern day cowboy! that there was a calf left on the line up by Sundance’s paddock.  He was on the tractor and came up to check it out.  The calf stayed still until the tractor turned towards the fence line.  Then the calf jumped up and started running/walking down the line.  The calf got all the way down to the gate and when it saw the gate, the calf turned around and ran.  So the race was on.  This pasture has a lot of high levees and The Colonel was getting bounced all around keeping up with the calf. I walked out into the pasture when the calf turned to come up towards the hay pen and he took off again with the tractor on his heels.  Down close to the gate again they went; and again the calf turned and ran.  I thought for a moment he was going to run in to the Red Oak Trace (the old Palestine road) but he didn’t.  That was a good thing because the tractor can’t go...

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