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It Seems to Me: Worship Manual

by Pastor Steve Ellison   Few Christians would put Leviticus up at the top of their list of favorite books to read, but it is a terrific book filled with many illustrations, types, and symbols.  In fact, some have argued that the entire book is symbolic. Leviticus serves as a how-to-manual for Christian worship. It is a call to personal and collective holiness. Leviticus is clearly connected to the preceding book of Exodus.  The last third of Exodus is concerned with getting the Tabernacle constructed to the exacting specifications of God.  Once the Tabernacle is in place, Leviticus will be needed to teach the children of Israel the proper way to use it.  If one wants to know about atonement, this larger passage (Exodus 25 through Leviticus) is the place to start.  The word atonement is used 88 times in the Bible. Sixty-two of those are found in this passage.  Hallelujah for covering for sin! In Genesis, God revealed Himself as Creator.  Because God’s created children had sold themselves into slavery, in Exodus, God revealed Himself as Redeemer and Deliverer.  In Leviticus, God reveals Himself as the Great High Priest who offers the once-for-all sacrifice and at the same time He reveals Himself as the once-for-all sacrificial offering.  Too often, we struggle to do that which we could never do and Christ has already done.  We will be holy,...

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In the Treehouse: What About the Parents?

by Samantha S. Daviss   Our family had to endure the pain of losing a pet this weekend. It was a pretty traumatic ending to this little creature, but Mommy tried to downplay it as much as possible. To most folks, I know she won’t seem like much of a pet, but to me she was. She was our French Angora bunny rabbit, that we got from Atwood’s almost 8 years ago. I know, I know…” WOW! She lived a long time for a rabbit!” And yes, she did, you are right. But I recently found her with a severe injury to her eye, that was terribly infected, so much so that ants had gotten to the infection. I called our wonderful vet, Leslie Ivie at Animal Care Clinic, and she met me on a Sunday with some antibiotic ointment, and told me what I already knew to be true. That we were going to have to have the eye removed. So, under her suggestion I had called around searching for an exotic vet, and I couldn’t find one anywhere that worked on rabbits. Which lead me to call my friend, a vet in College Station, he suggested the Small Animal ER at Texas A&M University. Of Course, my alma mater! Monday morning, I had planned to load her up, drive her the 4-hour round trip, to have the...

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Woods, Waters, & Wildlife: Quail Today – Any Tomorrow?

SOME AREAS OF TEXAS WILL BENEFIT from a large carryover of last year’s quail; Other areas, not so much. (Photo by John Jefferson)    By John Jefferson Just a couple of years ago, Texas was in a drought some thought would never end. Lakes were low; people asked if they’d ever come back. I hesitantly said they would. Always had. Quail were scarce. Bird dog breeders had few customers, if any. Hunting was on hold. But then it started raining. An article about quail in the TPWD regulations pamphlet was entitled “Just Add Water”. For the next two years,...

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Hope to Health – Staying Nutritious While Fighting Breast Cancer

by Tiffany Anderson In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I would like to address what will help those who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. Many times, these techniques will cause a person to lose their appetite, get nauseated, and even lose weight.   When your loved one has no appetite, it can worry you because your wonder how are they getting their nutrients. At the end of the day, they may not have the energy necessary to eat and eating truly becomes a task.   A task that sometimes is too much to deal with and that leads them to starving. Juices and smoothies are a great addition to their diet.  In one juice, they are probably getting more nutrients from fruits and vegetables than they probably will eat in one day with a full appetite.   The ability to drink something takes less energy and soothes them more. You have a couple choices, if they need more fiber, adding the pulp in the juice is a great option.  Then you have the option of making a smoothie. With a smoothie, the capabilities are endless.  You can add powders that cater to anything they need.  You can add protein, echinacea to build immunity, super greens, fiber, bromelain, vitamins, and anything else that may be needed. So, please keep in mind that juices and smoothies may be the God-sent answer to keeping...

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Home Country

by Slim Randles   Ran into Herb Collins the other day down by the school. He volunteers there, from time to time, helping kids with their math homework, and trying to recruit future members of The Great World of Business. He loved business, back in the days when he lived in the city and ran the pawn shop. For years now, ever since he hung up his jeweler’s loupe, he’s told us that there was an excitement to making the right deal. “It has to be right for the customer and for me, or it isn’t right at all,” Herb always says. “You can do that and make several people happy and earn a living. There’s no need to take unfair advantage of someone just to earn a living.” Our little town is a bit tame after city life, but it’s Herb’s wife’s home town and she wanted to come back here to live after he retired. So Herb turned to helping kids understand how wonderful business can be. He’s advised kids on the most effective way of delivering newspapers on their bicycles, he’s suggested advertising gimmicks for kids with summer lemonade stands, and he’s helped several boys market their skills with a lawn mower. You can take the man out of the business, I guess, but it’s hard to take the business out of the man. So after...

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