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Woods, Waters, & Wildlife – September 20th

By John Jefferson An Internet image this week reminded me that with the south dove zone season opening Friday, Sept. 22, the entire state will be open. The image read: “After the flood, God sent Noah a message, using a dove. In Texas, He used a hummingbird. He knew a dove would end up wrapped in bacon with a slice of jalapeno inside.” The bow season for whitetails, mule deer and Rio Grande turkeys opens September 30 – November 3. That’s a hunting opportunity many neglect through lack of interest or experience with archery equipment. Some prefer knowing their...

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Home Country – September 20th

by Slim Randles It begins in early morning, when the early risers among us go out to do the chores. Later on, the day may seem almost summer hot, but early in the morning, we can feel it. We can sense autumn. Our eyes that are so tired from the sun’s burning can look silently around at the slight turning of the leaves, and we’ll know. It’s coming. We can feel it. Calendars be hanged. Autumn does not arrive on a certain day, like a Greyhound bus. The weather guessers among us are quite often fooled. You can’t tell it’s fall by reading the paper. Even this paper.  But the senses know. We know. We can feel it. It’s coming. Autumn is a reward for all the work we did in the sun. Autumn is a multi-colored blessing that drops on us whether we’re ready for it or not. Autumn is more than football, more than Sunday dinners inside with relatives. Autumn is a coming together of good things that fall into our lives whether we deserve them or not. Before the snows come. Before the cold. Before having to scrape the frost from the windshield. That’s when it happens. That’s when we can look at the natural splendor around us and begin to believe that our dreams really will come true. Any day now. How could you not...

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Reflections from Read Oak Ranch: Sept. 20

I am beginning to think that snakes and Humming Birds travel together; one in the air and the other on the ground.   The Humming Birds are running me ragged keeping their feeders filled.  So for, for the last six weeks I have used 30 pounds of sugar to feed them. Sitting on the porch and having a conversation is almost impossible when they start buzzing around, plus they are so friendly they will fly straight towards us and then dash away at the last second!  I love watching them and I know that soon they will be taking off and I will miss them terribly. The other morning, I opened the door to go out and feed them, closing the door behind me.  Finishing that task, I started back in, opened the storm door, and there was the snake!  It was trying to get in the house and I had my hands full of an empty water jug (to clean out the feeders), an empty pitcher (to fill the feeders) and I could not get to a place to set them down to take care of the snake. I finally decided to just throw them out in the yard and get a hoe or shovel or something to kill the snake.  It was a tiny one but it was still a snake.  I have never seen one with the...

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It Seems to Me – A Sweet Aroma

by Pastor Steve Ellison   Every Christian has been commanded to be a witness to the glory, majesty, and goodness of God.   Some have been gifted as evangelists and some have not.  However, that does not negate the fact that the Great Commission has been given to all Christians.  Each of us has been given the responsibility and privilege of sharing the good news about forgiveness offered by Jesus the Christ.  We simply deliver the message.  The U.S. Post Office does not determine the amount of my electric bill or the contents of any letter sent to me.  The USPS simply delivers the authentic message in a timely fashion.  The rest is up to the sender and the recipient. Concerning the gospel, God is the sender and people are the recipients.  We Christians are simply the postal service.  We bear no other responsibility than to deliver the authentic message in a timely fashion.  God, the power of the gospel, and the heart of the recipient will take care of the rest. In 2 Corinthians 2:12-13 Paul wrote that he went to Troas and on to Macedonia for the purpose of sharing the gospel by walking through a door of opportunity opened by the Lord.  He went on to state in verses 14-16, “But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us...

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Movie Review: American Assassin

by Bob Garver   “American Assassin” stars Dylan O’Brien as CIA asset Mitch Rapp. The paperback-based Rapp is an action hero akin to Jack Ryan, Jack Reacher, Jason Bourne, and I’ll even throw James Bond in there. O’Brien is best known for the “Maze Runner” series, a teenagers-in-a-dystopian-future franchise akin to “The Hunger Games,” “Divergent,” and “The Host.” All he needs now is an unimaginative superhero film and he’ll be the king of late-to-the-party knockoffs. Rapp is so typical of heroes of this genre. He suffers a trauma, feels haunted, trains to be a killer, lives without direction except...

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