by Billy Patterson, Calvary Reporter

Local kids from 3 years old through high school age are beginning another exciting year at Calvary Baptist Church as the student ministry programs get underway.

“CBSM has one goal and one mission: to make disciples,” stated Calvary’s Youth Minister Devin DiGuilio. The energetic youth minister sees today’s students as those who will not only impact the church today, but also in tomorrow’s Christian body as they learn more about the gospel. ‘Worship, Serve and Grow’ is the roadmap students will follow through the coming school year.

Each CBSM ministry will have their own curriculum and will differ in some small ways, mostly in accommodating the teaching methods for the different age groups. The CBSM Playbook that was developed by the youth minister and others sets clear goals, identifies key teaching points and the vision for the future.

The core values being sought through the program are clearly defined as well. First and foremost is to teach youth that God deserves our very best, in whatever we do. Students will worship, serve and grow together with excellence, always acknowledging that God’s Grace is sufficient. Other values which will be focused on are engagement with others, equipping students with sound doctrine, encouragement and building-up of students, engaging with other students outside of Calvary, and ensuring that the program’s core values were followed throughout this first year of implementation.

CBSM Wednesday night activities are determined by five age groups. Pre-kindergarten students will be led by Shelba Black while first and second grade students will be led by Gale Miller. LaDonna Mullen will be teaching the third and fourth grade students. Calvary’s GAP56 class, which consists of both fifth and sixth grade students, will be led by Wesley and Jeannie Keeney, Mary King, Randi Skinner, Nikki DiGuilio, and Brian and Kimberly White. Seventh and eighth grade students will have Youth Minister Devin DiGuilio as their leader.

All students from the surrounding area are welcome, regardless of what church they may attend. Doors open at Calvary’s Life Center at 6 pm for students to fellowship and play prior to a small meal and snacks being served at 6:30 p.m. Students will head to their respective classes at 6:50 p.m. with classes beginning promptly at 7 p.m. All classes will end at 8 p.m. and students will be required to stay inside the Life Center until parents arrive.

“By the end of this school year, we want our students to understand three very important mile markers as we evaluate our success,” stated DiGuilio. “We want each student to know and apply the ‘P3’ philosophy: that we are PASSIONATE about Jesus and His Gospel, our PURPOSE stems out of our PASSION, and our PURPOSE and our PASSION for Jesus WILL point us to love PEOPLE.”

For more information about Calvary’s CBSM, contact Calvary at 903.389.2613, Youth Minister Devin DiGuilio at 903.390.8860, or visit