Author: Karen Leidy

Join the Cash Mob at Armadillo Emporium This Week

Armadillo Emporium of Fairfield is the Cash Mob location for the month of May. Shop Tuesday through Saturday for your chance to wind $100 in Chamber bucks. For every $20 spent at Armadillo Emporium from May 2-6, your name goes into the drawing held at noon on Saturday. Come and dig around Armadillo Emporium at over 30 vendor booths from all over Texas.  Items include antiques, reclaimed furniture, art, jewelry, collectibles, pottery, boutique clothing and more! Cash Mobs are a fun way to promote and support local retailers. For more information, Contact the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce at...

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Recycling April 29th at Fairfield High School Bus Loop

One Stop Recycle Drop will be held Saturday, April 29, 2017 at the Fairfield High School Bus Loop on Post Oak Road from 8:30 a.m. to Noon. Though typically the recycle day is on the fourth weekend of the month, this time it will be the fifth weekend and on Saturday only. Items accepted this month include: paper, plastic, cardboard, tin, aluminum, medications, clothing, electronics, batteries, glass, and eyeglasses. CRT TVs and CRT Monitors will be allowed, but only two per household will be accepted. CFL Light bulbs will NOT be accepted. –Medication Disposal: Freestone County Environmental Health Officers...

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Hackers Target Fairfield Business

“Watch what you respond to,” cautioned Fairfield Mayor Roy Hill, during last week’s City Council Meeting. According to Mayor Hill, one of his businesses dodged an expensive bullet about six weeks ago, when they received confirmation from a local bank concerning a large money transfer that had not been authorized. Apparently, hackers used their system to send an emailed request that appeared legit. Thankfully, the mistake was caught within 30 minutes. “We got it back,” says Mayor Hill, although it took 72 hours “of total panic” before the issue was completely resolved. Hill advises citizens to be careful with emails and, if the wording sounds off, to call the sender to confirm. Hacking is a pervasive problem, and has made the news several times this year. On April 6, the City of Dallas had all 156 of their emergency sirens go off during a two-hour period, beginning around 11:30 p.m.  As a result, their dispatch center was inundated with four times the normal amount of calls.  Hacking was identified as the culprit. Earlier this year, Northside ISD in San Antonio announced a major breach in their system caused by hacking into teacher emails.  At risk may be personal information such as names, addresses and dates of birth. Approved by Fairfield Council during this meeting include the following: –Resolution regarding rate change for Oncor Electric. –Annual contract with Freestone County...

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Upcoming Fairfield Projects Talked Over During Workshop

The City of Fairfield has their work cut out for them, following last week’s Council Workshop on pending projects. “I believe that makes number five,” remarked Mayor Roy Hill, as one more meeting was added to the list. While no action was taken, there was plenty of discussion among the council members and City Administrator Jeff Looney. First, the group discussed the benefits of becoming a Municipal Court of Record.  “This would put more teeth in what they can do,” says Looney, explaining that a formal proceeding would be taken more seriously by those being ticketed or fined. Becoming a Municipal Court of Record would require the hiring of a City Attorney, a position previously filled by long-time attorney, Reed Jackson. The council also gave input as to the benefits of utilizing their current law firm out of Waco, versus seeking someone locally. The consensus was that, while a larger, out-or-town firm might specialize in municipality regulation, travel costs would likely make them more expensive. However, as one councilman pointed out, “If you’re 30 miles away from home, you’re an expert!” Mayor Hill interjected that about 85% will entail traffic issues.  He further stated that the City could go to the larger law firm “when we had bigger issues.” “We’ve been talking annexation for how many years?” asked Councilman Joe Lee Kirgan, when the discussion flowed to the next...

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Busy Easter Weekend Planned

There will be lots to do this Easter weekend in Fairfield, with egg hunts, live music and sunrise services. EGGSTRAVAGANZA Make an Easter hat, and join the parade. Play the Bunny Trail, and take home a live bunny. There will be heaps and leaps of fun at the annual EGGSTRAVAGANZA on the courthouse lawn this year. Join the City of Fairfield and the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce in celebrating Easter with family fun on Saturday, April 15th. Event will kick off beginning at 10:00 a.m. with kid’s activities, including: –Bunny Trail –Easter Egg Dye –Hat Makers booth –Face Painting...

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