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Game Warden Field Notes

The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports. A “Dead” Giveaway Circling buzzards are usually a “dead” giveaway, so when a Smith County game warden responded to a call about a suspicious-looking personal watercraft beached on an island at Lake Palestine with vultures in the trees around it, he came prepared for the worst. The caller had stated that the watercraft looked abandoned and due to the presence of vultures he was concerned someone may be deceased nearby. Once on scene, the warden determined there was nothing for the vultures to scavenge other than the watercraft, which had recently been stolen from a Wood County lake and parked near a vulture roost. The craft was recovered and information forwarded to the Wood County Sheriff’s Office. The investigation into how it ended up on Lake Palestine is ongoing. Another “Dead’ Giveaway A kettle of vultures circling a few hundred feet above the highway caught the attention of a Val Verde County game warden on Sunday morning patrol in mid-October. He was able to locate their target carrion, two freshly killed white-tailed deer fawns hidden in the brush that appeared to have suffered gunshot wounds. His investigation into the deaths of the young deer led the warden to a nearby house where he found a doe hanging on a skinning rack with what also...

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Promoted to Unit Director

Congratulations to Marc Ransom of Fairfield, recently promoted to Longhorn Unit Director at Mexia State Supported Living Center (MSSLC).  He began his new position on October 16, 2017. Ransom began his career as a direct support professional twenty-six years ago and has been promoted to increasingly responsible positions, including home charge, unit supervisor and, most recently, Assistant Unit Director for the Longhorn Unit, for which he served the past ten years. Ransom has proven his ability to enhance the quality of life for MSSLC residents as well as improve the employee experience and brings a wealth of knowledge, creativity and experience to this...

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Woods, Waters, & Wildlife – A Federal Case

by John Jefferson They travel over 2,500 air miles to Texas, so we can see them. The least we can do is drive to Rockport to do it. I’m talking about the largest “snowbird” that comes to Texas for the winter. Whooping cranes are one of the largest birds in North America, slightly smaller than the California condor — but much prettier. And they’re arriving daily. They’re also the poster-bird for conservation. Down to only ­­21 birds in 1941, they were placed on the Endangered Species List in 1967. They’ve since enjoyed life and a major recovery, now numbering...

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Reflections from Red Oak Ranch – Nov 15th

by Jan Fielden It seems that we are always raising little calves for one reason or another!  The latest one is named “Thunder”.  He was born on November 3 and his Momma had mastitis.  We milked the Momma and added some powder milk to it so that he would get some of the “first milk” and the immunity it provides. He has something wrong with his front legs that a lot of calves are born with but grow out of.  His knees look all puffed up but our vet said that should go away within 6 weeks or so. Little Thunder is a beautifully marked Simmental from Stoneshire, one of our Herd Bulls.  He already knows his name!  When we call it, he looks up and if he is lying down he usually stands up! He nurses some but likes taking a bottle too.  We have decided to continue giving him a bottle until he is nursing more often before we turn him and his Momma out to pasture.  Hopefully by that time his knees will be better. Some of his “cousins” have started coming by to visit with him.  They will lie around the outside of the corral pen where Thunder is and look in at him, eventually lying down and taking a nap when he does.  Thunder has learned, just today, to come to the corral gate...

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