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Fairfield Volleyball Update

  Fairfield Volleyball results Tuesday night – Varsity defeated Waco University 25-21, 22-25, 26-24, 27-25    JV won 25-9, 25-18     Freshmen lost 25-9, 10-25, 23-25 Friday night – Varsity defeated Waco LaVega 25-13, 25-15, 25-17     JV 25-9, 25-16 Cali Gawryzewski 15 digs, 20/20 serving 2 aces Katie Henrichs 10 digs Caroline Richmond 11 kills Tanna Lide 9 kills Aaryn Scires 8 kills, 13/13 serving Centerville Tournament Thursday Fairfield loses to Cayuga 23-25, 20-25 Claire Partain 11/11 serving, 7 assists Caroline Richmond 8 kills, 5 assists, 5 blocks Tanna Lide 4 kills Maddie Gallegos 5 blocks, 3 kills Fairfield defeated Hempstead 25-16, 25-12 Tanna Lide 6 kills Aaryn Scires 6 kills Fairfield defeated Wortham 25-23, 19-25, 15-9 Sarah Richmond 15/15 serving 1 ace Aaryn 10/10 serving, 7 kills Caroline Richmond 10 kills, 10 digs Cali Gawryzewski 10 digs Katie Henrichs 10 digs Saturday (Gold Bracket) Fairfield defeated Madisonville 22-25, 25-18, 17-16 Caroline Richmond 10 kills, 16 assists Tanna Lide 9 kills Aaryn Scires 9 kills Maddi Gallegos 4 kills Cali Gawryzewski 12 digs, 12/12 serving 1 ace Claire Partain 11/12 serving 2 aces Semifinal – Fairfield loses to Centerville 16-25, 18-25 Aaryn Scires 11 kills, 5...

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Dear Editor – The 600-lb Gorilla in the Living Room

    Like an ugly wart that defies treatment only to keep reappearing, some people’s troubles just refuse to go away. When individuals lie that there is no wart, it stays prominently in, view. Such is the case of the latest revelations with the ongoing email scandal. Knowledgeable, informed people mostly do not believe, as I don’t, that Ms. Clinton intended to be hacked and all of her personal and classified emails shared with foreign powers. We have indisputable proofs now that the real reason for her actions was to safeguard her criminal “pay to play” game with State Department access for donors through donations to the Clinton Foundation. The lines between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation were not blurred; they were non-existent. Some staffers at State were also on the Foundation payroll simultaneously – clearly an ethical offense and a violation of written State Department policy. Doug Band, an executive at the Foundation, “assisted” wealthy donors with face time with Ms. Clinton as when he emailed her that the Crown Prince of Bahrain was seeking an audience; he stressed that the Crown Prince was “a good friend of ours.” In fact he certainly was; he donated $5 million to the Foundation, and he is only one of many foreigners who pumped millions into the Clinton money-laundry: Bill and Hillary’s 2015 tax return shows that the biggest...

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Movie Review: Don’t Breathe

“Don’t Breathe” is what I like to call an “Is That So Hard?” movie. I ask that question not of the film, but of other films. In many ways, this film is simple. 90% of it takes place in one setting. The number of cast members with more than one scene can be counted on one hand. It doesn’t do anything groundbreaking with its story or storytelling. The technical aspects, while I’m sure extremely difficult for a layman to perfect, can probably be accomplished by numerous industry professionals. In other words, this isn’t a particularly “hard” movie to make. And yet, it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen all year. Other movies surely have competent people working on them, why can’t they be as good as this one? Is that so hard? For plot, you’ve got three burglars breaking into the house of an unnamed blind man played by Stephen Lang. Lang is one of those great underused veteran actors whose mere casting makes the movie all the more promising because it shows the filmmakers have good judgement. The burglars are Rocky (Jane Levy), the one who only steals to support her family; Alex (Dylan Minnette), the nerdy naysayer who always wants to back out for fear of getting caught; and Money (Daniel Zovatto), the dumb violent one. It’s Money who brings a gun along on the job,...

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Craft Brewers Own Distribution Rights, Judge Says

A district court ruling potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars to craft brewers is going to make it tougher for the Texas Legislature to pass regulatory laws without sufficient cause. Travis County District Judge Karin Crump on Thursday, August 26, 2016 ruled that Senate Bill 639, passed in 2013 prohibiting craft brewers from negotiating their distribution rights, violated the Texas Constitution. Institute for Justice attorney Matt Miller argued the law, which gave beer wholesalers the right to sign and profit from exclusive distribution agreements, deprived the creators of the product from realizing its full value. The Texas Attorney General’s office, representing the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission in the case, has 30 days to appeal Crump’s decision. Miller built his case for Live Oak Brewing Co. of Austin, Peticolas Brewing Co. of Dallas and Revolver Brewing in Granbury, southwest of Fort Worth, on the violation of the brewers’ economic liberty guaranteed in Section 19 of Article 1 of the Texas Constitution. The Institute for Justice won a case on the same grounds before the Texas Supreme Court in June 2015 in a broadside of the state regulation of eyebrow threading, the arcane trade of eyebrow hair removal. “I think what we’ve shown in both cases is that when the state regulates there are limits to what is allowed under the Texas Constitution,” Miller told Watchdog on Friday. “Courts are...

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September Events at the Brazos Theatre Group

  First Friday Improv Comedy September 2ndt – 8:30 pm (Note New Time!) Every Improv show is one of a kind, as we take YOUR suggestions and turn them into hilarious scenes that will leave you in stitches! Show starts at 8:30, with doors opening at 7:30. Don’t miss live pre-show entertainment by Chocolate Bellbottom Surprise! This show is BYOB, and our snack bar will be open. Please note that no outside food or non-alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the theatre. Tickets available at or at the door the night of the show! Tickets:               Adults – $12.00 55+, Students, Military – $10.00   Improv Against Humanity “A Comedy Show for Horrible People!” September 17th – 8:30 Politically INcorrect and wickedly funny! YOU chose the scenes in this new take on our Improv Comedy Show. So wrong in all the right ways! Rated R+! BYOB, and our snack bar will be open. (Sorry, but no outside food or non-alcoholic beverages permitted inside the theater) Reserve your seats at! Tickets:               Adults – $12.00 55+, Students, Military – $10.00   A Flapper Murder at the1920s Speakeasy! September 23rd – 7:30 pm The Half Moon Club is one of just two Speakeasys in town, fighting prohibition by serving alcohol illegally and offering patrons the type of fun that can’t be had when the sun is up. Despite the...

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