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Dangerous Flames Extinguished by Dew Volunteers

Dew firefighters responded quickly to the Lucky J Saturday morning, April 15, 2017 to extinguish a car fire sandwiched between two gas pumps. Flames were visible under the vehicle, making for a dangerous situation. According to the photographer, the two young women who owned the car attempted to put out the flames with a borrowed fire extinguisher while a trucker, barefoot and shirtless, ran toward the burning vehicle with his extinguisher.  When the first Dew fire truck arrived, they turned their hoses onto the car, even before coming to a complete stop.  Firefighters had to use an axe to raise the hood, before the flames were completely put out.  “It was quite frightening and, at the same time, gratifying to see strangers come together in the crisis,” says photographer Mary McDonald.  Also responding to the scene was FCSO Deputy Lawrence. (Photo by Mary...

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Freestone County Sheriff’s Report – April 19

by Sheriff Jeremy Shipley April 10:  Today was the beginning of National Telecommunicators Week which is celebrated April 10th – 16th this year. Being a Dispatcher is one of the hardest most stressful jobs not only in our profession but in any profession. Our Dispatchers are literally the lifeline of our entire communication system for Freestone County First Responders. Our Dispatchers are literally the lifeline of our entire communication system for Freestone County First Responders.Our Dispatchers are literally the lifeline of our entire communication system for Freestone County First Responders.   April 12:  The Freestone County Sheriff’s Office welcomed 130 Fairfield First Graders today as they toured downtown Fairfield. It’s a pleasure to be able to connect with the kids and hopefully plant good seeds for them to grow, make good decisions, and have trust with the local law enforcement. It was a fun day and the kids were very well behaved. We explained several different aspects of the Sheriff’s Office as we went through 4 different phases; besides the office itself, one included the Sheriff in a jumper, our recreation area, and of course a patrol vehicle with lights where they could crawl through and look around. The children were able to see familiar faces and meet new ones while they visited, such as Deputies Howerton, Fogle, Shaw, and Cordova, Jailer Brandi Griffin, Dispatcher Susan Taylor, and Chief...

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Fairfield Police Report – April 19, 2017

by Chief of Police Kenny Bulger Monday, April 10 8:59 AM-Officer Alexander to meet a complainant. 10:34 AM-Officer Alexander to meet a complainant on being scammed. 9:44 PM-Officer Weinmann on report of suspicious vehicle. 11:16 PM-Officer Weinmann on report of some type of explosion, was thunder and lighting. Tuesday, April 11 2:17 AM-Officer Weinmann on alarm going off. 7:53 AM-Officer Price on report of subject refusing to go to school, all sorted out. 8:17 AM-Officer Price on minor wreck. 2:40 PM-Officer Price on report of reckless driver. 8:15 PM-Officer Weinmann on alarm going off. 11:47 PM-Officer Weinmann on report of alarm going off. Wednesday, April 12 3:40 AM-Officer Weinmann assist Fairfield Fire on reported gas leak. 2:46 PM-Officer Price on report of someone possibly smoking marijuana. 4:26 PM-Officer Alexander on report of subject driving with small child in their lap. 7:11 PM-Officer Bates and Gallegos on suspicious subject walking with hospital gown on, subject traveling through headed to Woodville. 8:09 PM-Officer Bates and Gallegos on report of domestic, all ok. 11:56 PM-Officer Bates and Gallegos on report of loud music. Thursday, April 13 11:04 PM-Officer Gallegos on alarm going off. Friday, April 14 9:11 AM-Officer Alexander on alarm going off. 12:28 PM-Officer Alexander and Sgt. Utsey on report of pickup traveling on interstate with kids in bed of truck, located and cited driver for letting 12 year old to...

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Game Warden Field Notes – April 19, 2017

The One that Got Away A tactical flight officer aboard a Department of Public Safety helicopter on patrol notified a Val Verde County game warden about a gill net being set out in the Rio Grande River. The individual setting out the gill net was observed crossing back and forth between the Mexico and Texas shorelines. The warden quickly responded to the location and observed the gill net stretched across the river and the individual who set it still in the area. It took the warden several minutes to make his way through dense river cane and, upon breaking through, he saw the illegal netter cross back into Mexico with a large fish in hand. The warden seized approximately 50 feet of gill net. Packing Crappie While patrolling late nights along Gladewater Lake’s public fishing piers during the first week of March, a Gregg County game warden encountered two separate groups of fishermen attempting to flee the scene as he made contact. Gladewater Police Department officers were also patrolling nearby and quickly apprehended one of the subjects after he unwittingly ran directly toward their patrol vehicle. The other group’s runner was also located a short distance from the lake and apprehended with help from Gladewater Police Department officers. Undersized crappie were located in the subject’s backpack. Collectively, charges filed included: no fishing license, possession of undersized crappie, possession of...

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Quilt Guild Event Set for May 1st

Freestone Quilt Guild will be sponsoring a free program open to all interested parties on Monday, May 1 at 2 p.m.  Beverly Stringer, of the Needle Niche in Athens, will present a program on string quilts at First United Methodist Church in Fairfield.  The church is located at 201 N. Mount Street. Beverly’s program will include a trunk show of various types of traditional and modern string quilts.  She will, also, demonstrate her technique of making a string quilt with a light weight stabilizer that does not require removing like the traditional paper method.  In addition, she will share her time saving tips to make string quilts quick and...

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