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First Integrated Class Commemorated as School Milestone

FHS CLASS OF 1977 PRESENTS TWO BENCHES to Fairfield High School (left to right):  Joe Gallegos, Connie Ferguson Standridge, Cynthia Allen Rikard, Allen Lehman, Steven Potillo, Harold Johnson, Edward Johnson, Jr., Kay Phillips Robinson, Renee Gregory Reynolds and Michael Johnson. (Photo by Nicole Schaefer)   Forty years after graduating, and just in time to offer a place of respite during the long & hectic hours of the Fairfield Boys Invitational Basketball Tournament, the Class of 1977 gifted Fairfield High School with two 6-foot benches. A bronze plaque was also given to the school commemorating a milestone of FISD history...

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Viewpoints – Christmas Poem – Tit for Tat

Dear Editor, I wrote a Christmas poem that I hope our readers like.   Tit for Tat Tit for tat; imagine that. Give a little get a little; that’s where it’s at. Tis the season for giving; imagine that, And you don’t even have to wear Santa’s hat. Money and gifts are not where it’s at. But sharing love and friendship, tit for tat. Sharing ‘you’ is the most important thing, Whether it’s the doorbell or telephone ring. Love never needs to be ‘returned’ to the store, It’s held within the heart forever more. Share the love, that’s where it’s at, Tit for tat; imagine that.   Happy Holidays, Nanette Piotrowski...

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You Can Lay the Groundwork for Reforming Congress

by Lee. H. Hamilton The first three words of the U.S. Constitution are, “We the People.” The Constitution itself, our institutions of government, the democratic process — all were established to give Americans a voice in their own governance. We are still striving to make that vision real for all, but we are closer than ever. So let me ask you some questions about Congress today. Do you think the voice of ordinary Americans resounds strongly in its hallways and chambers? Can you recall Congress in the last few years successfully dealing with an issue that directly affected your life? Does Congress produce legislation that resolves our differences and brings us closer together? Do you believe that the political system produces members of Congress who fairly and effectively represent the diversity and complexity of this country and are addressing our real, long-term challenges? I thought not. This is why I believe it’s past time for comprehensive reform of Congress. Representative democracy today is being undermined by the rising power of big money, the challenges of governing a country as large and diverse as ours, the problems brought by rising economic inequality, the ineffectiveness of our political institutions, and too many citizens who were never taught the skills needed to make the pragmatic judgments necessary in a representative democracy. In the present environment, it’s doubtful that the various reforms needed...

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Teague Police Report – December 13, 2017

Monday, December 04, 2017 2:28 PM Officer Keale was dispatched to a disorderly conduct call at Kilgore Trailer Park. 3:22 PM Officer Keale conducted a funeral escort at Bowers Funeral Home. 3:58 PM Officer Keale responded to an animal complaint on Loop 255. 5:16 PM Officer Keale was dispatched to a business alarm in the 400 block of Main Street. 5:35 PM Officer Keale was dispatched to a traffic hazard on Hwy 84. 6:01 PM Officer Keale was dispatched to a family violence call in the 1000 block of N. 1st ave. 9:35 PM Officer Cox was dispatched to...

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Marriages & Civil Cases for November 2017

Marriages The following couples filed for Marriage Licenses during November 2017. –Brantley / Severs –Garcia Flores / Wilkie –Young / Rios –Savedra Rojas / Alaffita Nana –Stacks / Hawkins –Lancaster / Carroll –Vaughan / Missildine –Salas / Lee –Hobbs / Walker –Sleziak / Winters –Allcorn / Parham –Dominguez / Fernandez-Hidalgo –Perales-Rodriguez / Molina –Hullum / Yoder –Solley / Hibbard   Civil Cases There were 2 ‘In the Interest of’ & ‘In the Matter of’ cases for the Month of November 2017. Other civil cases are as follows: –Heather Beldin vs. Stephen Beldin –Miranda Celeste Freeman vs. Shawna Lynn Freeman –Elizabeth Ann Duckworth-Sypho vs. Joseph Edward Sypho –Carla Rae Sessions vs. Hammond Sessions –Ronald L Reynolds vs. Tenna Reynolds –Buddie Thompson vs. Jennifer Sandoval –Colton Joseph Capp vs. Addie Capp –Ross Mathison vs. Brittany Mathison –Rachael Christine Darby vs. Michael Allen Darby, II –Ronald Perry Davis vs. Ella Mae Davis –Denouncia Ulvetle Rice vs. Rodney Bernard Rice –Ervin Scovel vs. Deborah Oakes Evans –Melody Gail Cockerell vs. Andrea Hernandez et al –Irma I Torres aka Margie Torres vs. Andres Bentancourt et al –Conn Appliances, Inc d/b/a Conns vs. Jose L Garcia –Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC vs. Clayton Wells –Citibank N.A. vs. Joseph Hankins –Rebecca Bosley vs. Gayle McInnis –Synchrony Bank vs. Maura Plemons –Billy R. High, Jr. & Traci High Ward vs. National Royalty Company & Marlin Royalty Company –Discovery...

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